many of the youth of today have no standard by which to judge that which is fed to them

Caliban. I say, by sorcery he got this isle:/ From me he got it.
If thy greatness will/ Revenge it on him–for I know thou dar’st;
The Tempest, III, ii
There is joy in the construction of the temple of life, for templed order and templed service create in the individual a sense of building when all around him there is a tearing down of values, morals and faith. But in the temple he finds his constructive role midst the roles of destructivity men have created for themselves….
While we acknowledge that according to the patterns of evolution forms and ideas do transcend themselves in life’s great cosmic ongoing, we also see that within a transcendental universe scientists have been able to perfect their methods and inventions through the historical epochs….
(Yet) many of the youth of today have no standard by which to judge that which is fed to them simply because from early years they have been enmeshed in a web of darkness which seems to them to be a creation of light. -Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom 13:16
The heart that readily accepts simplicity can solve the most complex problems. Man should seek to implement his God-given talents by the law of increase which is always activated by application, God-determination and goodwill to all….Thus there are transmitted, in essence, fragments of cosmic intelligence about life which flow intuitively (also) to the least evolved among men. And the proof of this flow of cosmic awareness is everywhere apparent to those who will honestly look…..
The Brotherhood is not a decimation of the purposes of God; it is a dedication of each humble servant of light who–either as a ministering angel, as a mighty archangel or as a master of functions–seeks to serve the vast multitude of humankind now evolving upon the planetary body….
In order that the purposes of life might be fulfilled the Tree of Life must expand. It must reach out its branches; it must engulf human selfishness, human deceit and darkness; and it must not be concerned with love’s recompense. -Jesus Christ: Pearls of Wisdom 13:20 (5-17-1970)

-by Mian Situ, born in Canton 1953
Isabella. how would you be/ If He which is the top of judgment should/
But judge you as you are? O, think on that,/ And mercy then will breathe within your lips,/ Like man new made. –Measure for Measure, II, ii
Duke. I thank thee, Varrius, thou hast made good haste;/
Come, we will walk: there’s other of our friends/ Will greet us here anon,
my gentle Varrius. –Measure for Measure, IV, v

Who can aid in all the holy mountain of God? Why, every atom, every electron is a rushing unto God! -Saint Germain: Pearl 13:13


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