greatest single test on the path comes when you begin to have this overwhelming doubt

Kuthumi wrote about this in Theosophy.  He said that the greatest single test on the path comes when you begin to have this overwhelming doubt of the teacher and the teaching, and if you do not pass this test you lose your foothold on the path. It’s a very intense test and it comes in the form of hearing gossip about the human qualities of the teacher that makes you begin to feel that he is not worthy of being a teacher and has been pretending to be what he is not.  Kuthumi explains that this mistrust comes from within the individual himself as the individual’s self-mistrust arising from his own records of past betrayals where he once played the role of the hypocrite and the false one, and he suspects that what he has done to others will come upon him…. Treason is infectious.                       -Messenger E C Prophet:  Community, 2002, see


How often within My Own embrace have you left those council halls and entered into a schoolroom of life and prepared again for a journey thru the world of form! How many times have your sweet spirit been eased round in the bands of forgetfulness by My Own hands! How often has My kiss upon your brow been the last remembrance of the angelic realm ere you passed thru the gates of birth into the world of form.

I know you well each soul, each heart, each spirit! I know your hopes, your aspirations, your strengths and weaknesses and I love you because from My Father’s Own Throne and from the heart of the great eternal I came forth to become the guardian Presence of hope and faith within the spirit of man and I shall never lay down the sword, fold My garments about Me and return to the pure perfection of the realm which is My home while there remains a soul in shadows, a heart in pain, a spirit in bondage! I have stood in the Flame of the God of this universe, I have bathed in the effulgent aura of His Love and it is My joy, My privilege and My honor to embody His nature and to carry the Love of God to all created form.

O the joy of serving Him! The joy of carrying hope into the hearts of men! Would that I might fire your feeling world with that joyous enthusiasm in your service to life that is bound that you too like the angelic host might find only happiness in loving life free!    -Archangel Michael:  9-11-1953 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente

IMG_9860IMG_0246 IMG_0240 -Mt. Eddy

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