Then everything else fell into line.

What mattered was that I was in closest proximity to the master. Then everything else fell into line. I am what I am today because of that, because that is where I place value. From my experience nothing in the universe is more important than being as close as you can to the one who is closest to the Brotherhood. I wouldn’t trade being next to Saint Francis for a million years of whatever else you can do in this world. -Messenger E C Prophet: Community, pp. 130-1, see
~4000 jihadists in European Union, according to security chiefs
342. Not only does egoism deaden itself, it strikes the surroundings with sterility, whereas individuality kindles fires in all adjacent camps. Cooperation is the crown of individuality, but the scourge of egoism is like the sting of a scorpion. Can one rely upon egoism? No more than upon a viper! But true individuality contains in itself the foundation of universal justice. We must gather individualities; for a new diamond is in need of cutting, but egoism must pass through many incarnations. Indeed this law may also be changed by the fire of the heart. -Morya: Hierarchy 1931

Proximity to any vibration causes the energy of unascended beings to unconsciously duplicate the vibration

Consider, beloved ones, the meaning of discipline of thought that demands the immaculate concept about every part of life and refuses acceptance of the patterns of error that as residual magnetism cling to the consciousness of mankind as a shroud.  We shall see as we proceed–and I say this to those who will remain with me to be God-taught–how we shall burn this shroud and consume it to ashes.  We shall see how God shall transmute and change carnal purpose into the splendid manifestation of the living light of His Presence.  We shall watch as men and women today in emulation of the Christ majesty that rides forth to give a new sense of victory to mankind shall be born again even through the study and application of this Dossier that comes from the living flaming consciousness of the ascension flame. …

Keep on, valiant ones….Your ascension is God’s desire for you.   -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension, #10


Proximity to any vibration causes the energy of unascended beings to unconsciously duplicate the vibration unless they have become absolute master of the energy in their own inner and physical vehicles.  Proximity to undesirable vibrations tends to lower the individual’s personal vibratory action and likewise proximity to constructive powerful vibrations tends to raise the individual’s personal vibratory action….The more the students avail themselves of the Presence and power of the various God-virtues (flames) and the momentums gathered at the various retreats (of the Brotherhood) while they are particularly active, the more real, practical and sustained will become the result of such practices.   -Maha Chohan:  March 1956 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teachings, 2, Luk Pub., Pueblo, CO, 1978, p. 242

When the incoming tide of the great solar light pours into your world

Religion and science as they are currently taught have splintered the creative oneness of the Christ; much of religion has become a diatribe of selfish confusion, elevating lies to the position of truth, while science has probed the material universe and disregarded for the most part the realm of First Cause….

The curtain goes up, and soon the vital wisdom will be flowing, a great river of golden light, a crystal fiery radiance of transcendental glory moving ever forward.   In the fullness of Faith I AM  Archangel Michael:  Pearl 13:1


Those who are schooled in the knowledge of the world may believe in their hearts that they have found through academic pursuits the key to the governing of the senses and to gaining entree into the realms of the Spirit. We say, not so!  For neither by intellect nor by self-righteousness shall men obtain the highest gifts.  These gifts will come as the natural unfoldment of the soul who submits to the grace of God and understands that having done so he can rightfully expect the divine revelation to manifest within himself.  And when that revelation comes forth it is received within the hallowed circle of righteousness and reason….Man then was and is intended to be a practical manifestation of God, learning how to master his environment by cosmic wisdom united with his own natural intelligence…
(Man) does not know–for he has not been told–that in his silent eternal union with the mind of God he is tied to a giant computer. Through this computer all knowledge is immediately available by spiritual transmission to those who will use it to do the will of God….The key then to the practice of advanced spiritual alchemy lies in the alchemist’s understanding of the purposes of the Brotherhood and in his consciously yoking himself together with those who are pledged by word and deed to the fulfillment of those purposes. -Saint Germain: Pearl 13:7
When the incoming tide of the great solar light pours into your world it is God conveying His grace and gifts to you. When the tide goes out it is a time for you to convey to Him your gratitude and your desire to become a very essential part of Him. Those who are eager to receive the light that is incoming–with its buoyancy, its joy, its power–often do not recognize the moments when life does not seem to be with them, when the tides seem to be against them, as the moments when God is asking them to send love and supplication in His direction. -Helios: Pearls of Wisdom 13:30
When people understand the need to build wisely by thought, by feeling and by deed they will guard against the tendency to overreact to situations and people. How many times has Cain slain his brother simply because of overreaction?….
Moving with the tide of Heaven’s recommendations requires constant contact with us in spirit as well as in the letter issuing forth from the Spirit which when activated in the heart, head and hand of man becomes a rising pathway toward the Sun of truth and freedom.
The snares that have destroyed great nations have first taken root in individuals. Either men have failed to be wayshowers or the way they have shown has not been the way of peace….For it is the limitless attitudes of the Spirit which knit our Brotherhood together as each one bows to the God in the other and in himself, as each one humbly carries out his assigned tasks and all join hands to lift the garment of the world. -Goddess of Liberty: Pearl 13:25

many of the youth of today have no standard by which to judge that which is fed to them

Caliban. I say, by sorcery he got this isle:/ From me he got it.
If thy greatness will/ Revenge it on him–for I know thou dar’st;
The Tempest, III, ii
There is joy in the construction of the temple of life, for templed order and templed service create in the individual a sense of building when all around him there is a tearing down of values, morals and faith. But in the temple he finds his constructive role midst the roles of destructivity men have created for themselves….
While we acknowledge that according to the patterns of evolution forms and ideas do transcend themselves in life’s great cosmic ongoing, we also see that within a transcendental universe scientists have been able to perfect their methods and inventions through the historical epochs….
(Yet) many of the youth of today have no standard by which to judge that which is fed to them simply because from early years they have been enmeshed in a web of darkness which seems to them to be a creation of light. -Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom 13:16
The heart that readily accepts simplicity can solve the most complex problems. Man should seek to implement his God-given talents by the law of increase which is always activated by application, God-determination and goodwill to all….Thus there are transmitted, in essence, fragments of cosmic intelligence about life which flow intuitively (also) to the least evolved among men. And the proof of this flow of cosmic awareness is everywhere apparent to those who will honestly look…..
The Brotherhood is not a decimation of the purposes of God; it is a dedication of each humble servant of light who–either as a ministering angel, as a mighty archangel or as a master of functions–seeks to serve the vast multitude of humankind now evolving upon the planetary body….
In order that the purposes of life might be fulfilled the Tree of Life must expand. It must reach out its branches; it must engulf human selfishness, human deceit and darkness; and it must not be concerned with love’s recompense. -Jesus Christ: Pearls of Wisdom 13:20 (5-17-1970)

-by Mian Situ, born in Canton 1953
Isabella. how would you be/ If He which is the top of judgment should/
But judge you as you are? O, think on that,/ And mercy then will breathe within your lips,/ Like man new made. –Measure for Measure, II, ii
Duke. I thank thee, Varrius, thou hast made good haste;/
Come, we will walk: there’s other of our friends/ Will greet us here anon,
my gentle Varrius. –Measure for Measure, IV, v

Who can aid in all the holy mountain of God? Why, every atom, every electron is a rushing unto God! -Saint Germain: Pearl 13:13

greatest single test on the path comes when you begin to have this overwhelming doubt

Kuthumi wrote about this in Theosophy.  He said that the greatest single test on the path comes when you begin to have this overwhelming doubt of the teacher and the teaching, and if you do not pass this test you lose your foothold on the path. It’s a very intense test and it comes in the form of hearing gossip about the human qualities of the teacher that makes you begin to feel that he is not worthy of being a teacher and has been pretending to be what he is not.  Kuthumi explains that this mistrust comes from within the individual himself as the individual’s self-mistrust arising from his own records of past betrayals where he once played the role of the hypocrite and the false one, and he suspects that what he has done to others will come upon him…. Treason is infectious.                       -Messenger E C Prophet:  Community, 2002, see


How often within My Own embrace have you left those council halls and entered into a schoolroom of life and prepared again for a journey thru the world of form! How many times have your sweet spirit been eased round in the bands of forgetfulness by My Own hands! How often has My kiss upon your brow been the last remembrance of the angelic realm ere you passed thru the gates of birth into the world of form.

I know you well each soul, each heart, each spirit! I know your hopes, your aspirations, your strengths and weaknesses and I love you because from My Father’s Own Throne and from the heart of the great eternal I came forth to become the guardian Presence of hope and faith within the spirit of man and I shall never lay down the sword, fold My garments about Me and return to the pure perfection of the realm which is My home while there remains a soul in shadows, a heart in pain, a spirit in bondage! I have stood in the Flame of the God of this universe, I have bathed in the effulgent aura of His Love and it is My joy, My privilege and My honor to embody His nature and to carry the Love of God to all created form.

O the joy of serving Him! The joy of carrying hope into the hearts of men! Would that I might fire your feeling world with that joyous enthusiasm in your service to life that is bound that you too like the angelic host might find only happiness in loving life free!    -Archangel Michael:  9-11-1953 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente

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