the narrow path of initiation; 3 eyewitnesses of BUK-launcher in e. Ukraine

This bridge of life is the narrow path of initiation whereby the soul crosses the wide chasm between the nonpermanent and permanent worlds.  The dispensation of the two witnesses who come in the hour of the great gathering of the elect unto the ascension is one of holding the bridge in suspension until the elect have crossed over.  This is the balance that our Messengers hold for you and for all on earth who follow the cycles of the ruby ray.  And you, my beloved, are called upon by the Darjeeling Council to hold the balance for a world and its lifewaves that the platform for every level of evolution might be preserved and the next in line approach the bridge….

The certainty of your initiation, my beloved, lies not in your outer knowing or in your outer memory but in that Self-knowledge which knows that it is engaged in the very process of life becoming Life through the Guru-chela relationship, that one is doing one’s best day by day and leaving the rest to God.   -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal, XXIX, see


9-8-14  Three eyewitnesses, all civilians, separately told Panorama that they saw a missile-launcher in rebel-held territory a few hours before the Boeing jet was hit.

One eyewitness saw the missile-launcher roll off a low-loader at Snezhnoye, around ten miles from the crash site, at around 13:30 local time (10:30 GMT).

“We just saw it being offloaded and when the BUK started its engine the exhaust smoke filled the whole town square,” he said.

The eyewitness told the BBC that the crew struck him as Russian soldiers: “Well-disciplined, unlike the rebels, and not wearing the standard Ukrainian camouflage uniform sported by government and rebel troops alike.”

“They had pure Russian accents. They say the letter ‘g’ differently to us,” he said.

In eastern Ukraine, most people speak Russian but the BUK crew did not speak Russian with a local accent.

His testimony was confirmed by a second eyewitness, who added that an officer in a military jeep escorting the BUK spoke with a Muscovite accent.

If correct, the Kremlin has to explain to the relatives of the 298 passengers and crew who died – including ten Britons – why Russian military personnel were allegedly seen in the area escorting a BUK shortly before MH17 was shot down.

If these eyewitnesses are right, then the BUK crew may have been part of the Kremlin’s ‘Ghost Army’ – reportedly thousands of Russian soldiers who have been secretly infiltrated into Ukraine and have tipped the military balance heavily in the rebels’ favour.



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