there must be a gathering on the Mount Zion and a coming together of the elect

You have seen an exposé based upon a firm stand that has not been seen in the United States until recent years when with the force of your own dynamic decrees and the stumping message of the Messenger there has come to pass a willingness and a courage on the part of the people of America to challenge the weakness in their government, the laxity and the failure to take seriously this devastation of human life and that which is yet occurring in other forms. You must realize that it is [because of] the release of light and of the dictations of the ascended masters and the presence of the guardian angels that there has been this much of an elevation of consciousness in this nation.

All of you who are a part of the Western nations of the world where there is a neglect of confrontation and an absence of willingness to recognize the enemy of the Soviet Union as participating in Poland and other nations of the Earth–you also have the right to expose. You have the right to bring to the attention of your leaders, in a most calculated and astute manner, that which must have the support of the nation and its citizens.

Beloved hearts, many movements that are for the right cause on Earth in this hour are on the verge of victory. But they lack the final thrust and the intensity of the light.   -Elohim Apollo and Lumina:  1-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


Surely, surely I must say to you–as it was spoken of old by the full power of the prophet of the Lord God, even Micah–that there must be a gathering on the Mount Zion and a coming together of the elect.  There must be the setting forth of the feet, holy feet upon the mountain….I AM impelling the raising of the light of the Mother-flame in all!  And let this resurrection of the Mother-flame be the judge of all that is anti-Mother.  And let there be turmoil!  And let there be upheaval!  And let there be exposure!…

And my word is piercing and penetrating every Catholic and every Protestant–both of whom have rejected my true identity and appearing.  Thus all shall be judged, and the Woman clothed with the Sun shall rise up in the very midst of the earth.   -Archeia Mary:  5-15-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles  Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

Our enemies think we have vast numbers of people in our computer because they sense the presence of the One, the Indomitable One that they cannot defeat!–which has nothing to do (in actuality) with numbers….

When you don’t feel of ultimate necessity to this movement, to this country, to your planet you get selfish….Now as soon as people don’t feel important they don’t care because they don’t feel important.  Because they’re not sharing in what?  Accountability of the business! They don’t own it so why should they care if it fails?  That’s because they haven’t found the spark in themselves and the spark in the owner and felt a dedication of integrity to the owner. They don’t care because they’re not in the driver’s seat….

The Lord hath need of thee and thou hast need of the Lord–and the Lord supplieth all thy needs.  It’s kind of exciting because it’s the yin and yang of the cosmos….In the name of the light of God that never fails I AM the sealing of these servants of God in the forehead.  I AM the sealing of the light and the God-flame and the calla-lily for the victory of the ascension.  I seal them unto Thy heart, O beloved Alpha/Omega!  Amen.                                                     -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  3-25-1982 at Camelot, Los AngelesMark & Elizabeth Prophet

10-17-14  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s effort to eliminate one of the country’s oldest human rights organizations is the latest indication that the authoritarian leader has revived many Soviet-era practices to crush civil society and tighten his grip on power, including persecuting dissidents and disseminating anti-Western propaganda.


09.10.2014 08:40
A ‘commander’ for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has warned Poland to “stop sending weapons” otherwise his forces “will come for you”.,Eastern-Ukraine-separatist-threatens-Poland


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