it is seen to by the Nephilim that you have become the slaves of an economic system

You cannot even imagine how the people respect the fallen ones because of their proud tongues, because of their officiousness, because of their seeming erudition!  It is amazing to realize that the greater the ignorance of the people, the less education they receive the more they respect the fallen ones who have made themselves experienced and taken to themselves degrees out of the higher institutions of learning that they might impress the world. Entire tribes of people of God have gone down the path of self-destruction through the following of one of these fallen ones.

all evolutions upon Earth–that they might have a chance, a fighting chance to live and to be victorious–is our prayer!  It is the prayer of Alpha and Omega. And it is the cause for the dispensation of the clearing of the momentums that generate upon Earth–that force which is used by the fallen ones.

Therefore in this moment and in this hour I, Apollo with Lumina, release the full momentum of my being for the clearing of those grids and forcefields of stultification and rigidity in the mental belt, replacing them with the fullness of the Universal Christ mind….O children of the Sun worldwide, I instill in you the tingling of the light of illumination, the tingling of the spine, the action of the Kundalini fire that you might feel as it were the starching of your being rising to new heights of perception and God-determination!

Realize then how your lives are lived–how it is seen to by the Nephilim that you have become the slaves of an economic system, that all of your days are engaged in pursuing a living and that when you come to the end of the workday and the workweek there is only the tending of the fatigue of the body and a seeking of surcease in some form of pleasure….

For your lifetime is indeed sufficient opportunity to tackle these problems!  It may have not been so in the past, but it is true in this hour.  Why?  I will tell you why.  Because it is by the presence of the Great White Brotherhood, the ascended masters and the Elohim standing with you and behind you, bearing the cross with you and infusing you with the light and the presence of our momentum and our authority.  It is for this reason that you can conquer, for it is our momentum of light that we will give you….

Blessed ones, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM and solely by that name you can overcome, you shall overcome–if you will it so, if you will organize, if you will be one-pointed and concerted in your dedication!   -Elohim Apollo and Lumina:  1-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


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