the power to consume all the warring in the members of the psyches

God’s peace…is the power to consume all the warring in the members of the psyches of all the lightbearers of the Earth, to consume the wars between fallen ones who are polarized as they line up to destroy one another and demand reinforcements of lightbearers….because many of the very ones who have the gift of the violet flame and the science of the spoken Word do not use it to transmute first and foremost the warring in their own members–the divisions, the schisms and all those things that they press and compress in the subconscious and the unconscious mind and allow to explode….
It is most disturbing, beloved ones, to see a planet of diverse evolutions where so very few understand the principle of walking in the footsteps of the Hierarchy of Light. Know that God does test every living soul. Be willing then to pass those tests and to exercise ingenuity of heart in so doing. -Elohim Peace and Aloha: 4-8-1993 at RTR, Montana
This unity, beloved, this feeling of every part of life that is part of God everywhere is something that is dulled to your own outer awareness–not because you are sinners but because you are here in form with many tasks to perform to prepare this manger for the birth of every avatar to come.
Thus if you were to retain the world pain, the ongoing world crucifixion of the Christed ones you would then perforce be required to sit in meditation, like the statue of the Buddha or of Padma Sambhava. For only in perpetual meditation and in the giving forth of the science of the Word does one hold the balance for this experience of the oneness of the mystical body of God. Thus activities change on the ascending scale of Hierarchy. But remember also that Lord Confucius, one of great attainment and light, keeps himself entirely active in the service of the Royal Teton Retreat while yet maintaining a certain awareness of life becoming life through the cosmic travail of the Woman….And what is this solar evolution, my beloved? I AM evolving in every heart, through every Holy Christ Self, through every threefold flame. -Maitreya: 4-4-1982 at RTR, Montana


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