elves of Hercules

While serving in the world of form as the Comte de Saint Germain (18th century and early 19th century) the Master assumed the Office of Chohan of the Seventh Ray -Messengers M and E Prophet, see http://books.google.com/books?id=8qRe0W40-o0C&pg=PA288&lpg=PA288&dq=clare+prophet+assumed+chohan+comte&source=bl&ots=cgVaMti5PP&sig=Fm-bt6RHqm6IvzRTusjXoQHCgpk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=60UaVLrKOo6sogSL54HwBQ&ved=0CCIQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20assumed%20chohan%20comte&f=false
Saint Germain in a dictation of 4-21-1954 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente stated that it was late in the 18th century, after his service to America and the Court of France, that he assumed that Office. (at p. 323 of Law of Life and Teachings 2, Luk Publications, 1978)
Florence Miller went on to higher service on Sept 17, 1979, ascending on the 20th.
O beloved, it is a momentous hour; therefore be seated in a compartment of my consciousness. I open my vast garments to you. You may climb inside one of an infinite number of pockets in the lining of my cloak and feel cozy all inside–-and even take a nap while I am speaking!
Blessed hearts, feel the warmth and the joy of this little hammock of a pocket inside the cloak of Elohim and know that I have a pocket for each and every one of you. And do you know that elves of Hercules have embroidered your name upon that pocket that is your very own private berth? So, beloved, I give you this which is indeed a reality that you might know the profound comfort of Elohim, that you might have the sense of abiding in me always as I truly abide even in the center of the atom of self that you have charged with the will of God….
Certain of you who desire to be my chelas, so signify it in these twenty-four hours. For trained by Morya, enlisted by Archangel Michael there are some whom I may receive. But you must take as your first assignment, beloved, physical balance. I am the most physical of Elohim. And therefore you must know how strong is my strength in you in this octave. Balance, beloved, by the wheel of the Law–-balance heart, head and hand, mind and feeling, physical body with etheric counterpart. -Elohim Hercules: 8-9-1987 via Messenger E C Prohet


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