as there is an emerald matrix so there is the mighty emerald chalice

But I say, I AM Saint Germain and I AM in the midst of the City Foursquare with Jesus and Magda and Mother Mary….The children must be kept in line. -Saint Germain: 4-24-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger E C Prophet
For once upon a time it was I who called and none answered; and therefore I knew that the candle had been extinguished on Earth….as there is an emerald matrix so there is the mighty emerald chalice….Thus visualize thyself as a mighty chalice and realize that the curvature of this chalice bespeaks the cradle and also hands cupped in adoration….
(When the needy) are beset with the aggravations in flesh of the distortions of mind and heart and when all systems begin to fail and life is hanging by a thread and all hope has already gone in the minds of the practitioners of the healing arts it is then that–by seeking and by the call– the contact is made between their hearts and the simple good samaritan or the entire complex of this City of light and healing….
Understand and know this true science (of the emerald crystal matrix and chalice) and realize that the 12 gates of the City (Foursquare) must be opened ere you complete the requirements of your ascension….Beloved ones, we are beginning as it has been said a bold, a new, a mighty adventure. For if one would heal one must himself be healed. If one is to heal oneself one must desire healing. Entities of the mind are bad habits of self-indulgence, moodiness, various types of psychological problems that also come from the imbalance in the endocrine system, that come from deviations then in the use of the sacred fire….
You must give up that which would prevent you from being the instrument of God’s wholeness to be a part of this calling. And so it begins with the individual and only the individual can make this dream come true. I AM one, I AM an individual, and because I understood the Law of the One Earth and her evolutions now have opportunity–by the grace of God and only His grace–to return to heaven individually as kings and priests unto God….
When only the body is healed it does not necessarily add to the ascending light or the ascension or the union with God….This however is a question of the fifth ray application of the divine science of East and West….Your heart must be the vessel to serve the elixir, the special preparation. Your mind must perceive the wholeness and hold the matrix until the one who suffers can fill it in with your assistance….It is the reading, I tell you, of the etheric blueprint of the soul from the hour of its conception in the Great Central Sun, the reading of perfection and the meditation of perfection–this is the key to healing….It is the letting go by enlightenment that therefore brings, beloved hearts, that divine matrix from Above….Therefore do not accept that which ascends up out of the morass of unreality of former existence but rather, beloved hearts, know that true life is from Above and not from beneath….
Sin is only real as long as you conceive of and perceive it….Thus service is the key. Conceive of light and become it! Know it is thine own inheritance–yous to claim here and now. Thus act the part and enjoy the part of wholeness even while you proceed systematically on the path of rejuvenation and regeneration in your temple….For we will call those priests and priestesses of the sacred fire of the healing arts who did not leave off the worship of the Divine Mother and we will cause them to return….
There is only one way to succeed and that is to visualize yourself as the beggar at the gate, as the one sick or maimed–to get into the heart of the one who fears, who trembles, who knocks. And then go to the other side, open the door and say, “Friend, thou art welcome here! Enter and I will give thee sup.”
Thus heart to heart deliver my comfort. For this is a dispensation of a certain time and space on earth whereby we might deliver once again and finally for many the opportunity to become who they really are. -Sanat Kumara: 10-14-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles Lady-Master-Venus-smunnamedSanat-Kumara-sm


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