you live each day to pass the test of love

Beloved ones, this insensitivity is a sign of the denial of the sacred heart under the hierarchy of Leo. When the ingratitude is not cleared then, beloved, you see a new kind of density–a coldness that does not open its heart to the living Word and the living Christ in mercy. Ingratitude then silences the senses of the soul and makes one nonreceptive to the I AM Presence. -Mighty Victory: 7-20-1986 via Messenger E C Prophet
You have seen many tested in their responses and reactions to this community and what has been said about it, whether fact or fantasy. You have seen some with and without religion be turned to stones of hate and hate creation while others have loved more tenderly [than before], having the compassion of the Christ.
Truly may you understand that even millions have been tested by their response whether to the false or the true report. For there cannot be the mystical body of God in the earth or the light in the earth or the Messenger of God in the earth or the chela of God in the earth without these being that testing, that stone of stumbling and that two-edged sword. Some fall to the left and some fall to the right….
You must wear some sort of reminder upon your person that you live each day to pass the test of love: love as tolerance, love as patience, love as gratitude, love as self-givingness and receivingness, above all love as the merciful compassionate heart that must forgive in order to be forgiven, that must love in order to be loved….Yes, beloved, if you are to succeed as a community of light to spread this message abroad your love must become so great as God’s love [is great.] And you must recognize [that] God is love within you….[This conversion] begins with your own soul and then reaches out to those whose hearts have been as stones, and stones toward ye all and yet whose hearts can truly be melted by love….Seek love with all your heart and [when you have found it] do not forget [to keep it]. -Rose of Light: Freedom 1990 at RTR, Montana
In the name of my mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to the Great Divine Director to arrest the spirals of human infamy that have imprisoned elementals in lower forms. Let the elementals be cleared by the combined alchemy of the resurrection flame and the violet flame.
Beloved Shiva, come forth now and break all curses and all negative images that have ever been placed upon my body elemental and the body elementals of all mankind, preventing them from acting in our defense! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!
I call for the transmutation of all burdens upon elemental life due to human discord and selfishness that manifests at every level of being.
Beloved Cyclopea, give to every elemental the divine image and the divine vision of the golden age, the City Foursquare and the Temple Beautiful so that every elemental can hold the matrix for perfect form on Earth. Let the Earth be sealed in the emerald matrix and the healing thoughtform. In the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain I trust! In the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain I trust! In the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain I trust!
Let not the heart be jolted or jostled or overcome by anything beneath or above. Practice therefore stillness in the heart, peace in the heart, strength in the heart and God-centeredness in the heart….Feel yourself spiraling inward to the center of your Sun-Presence, followin the spiral formed by the rose-petals back to the center -Rose of Light: Pearls of Wisdom 32:52, see


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