The crystal comes forth from the Sun behind the sun for the restorative purpose

We are the Eye of God, the luminous orb, because we meditate upon the Eye as the focalpoint of the inner blueprint. Will you not join us in this meditation at least once in each 24 hours? And even by 15 seconds of remembrance of the Eye of God, of perfect attunement and attention upon that Eye you may then lower into your physical dimension our entire manifest momentum of meditation upon the inner blueprint and transfer the electrical current of the Great Central Sun to energize the perfect outpouring of that divine plan. -Elohim Cyclopea: 4-22-1979 via Messenger E C Prophet

The lineal descent from the great white throne to the soul/saint moving in time and space is a seven-tiered spiral reaching from earth to heaven and heaven to earth. The fourth tier is the mystical light in the center of the Pyramid, the flame in the heart of the Great Pyramid of Life that is the inner spiral of man, woman incarnate. The fourth tier is the point of integration wherein the multiplication of the lesser consciousness realizes individuality in Christ. Without the initiations of the ruby ray within the King’s chamber–the holy of holies of the Great Pyramid of Life–there is no transition from the base of the Pyramid to the all-seeing Eye of God. The fourth tier is the emerald -Sanat Kumara: Opening of the 7th Seal #12, 1979

The crystal comes forth from the Sun behind the sun for the restorative purpose of returning your mind, your genes, your chakras–the activation of the life within you–to its original strength and divine intent. -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia: 1-3-1982 at Camelot, Los AngelesElohim-Cyclopea-all-seeing-eye

And as no other has been forthcoming–not from the leaders of their own nations or the West, as no other has been forthcoming not even from the religious camp–they (the downtrodden) realize it is the hosts of the Lord and The Faithful and True and they only who will bring about world peace….No adversary can stand against the living Christ. Therefore still stand. And in patience possess ye not only your souls but possess ye the whole world as God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. -Igor: 4-2-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

The vortex of every endeavor must contain an intense will….Let the central flame therefore reveal all ingredients of the goal, for the very alchemy itself depends upon the formula….And the wisdom and intelligence of the mind that guides and directs an effort, that sets forth the goal and the means to achieve it are principally to be considered as the most important ingredients. Combined with the love, then the power, the intelligence and the planning will mean that you have discovered a limitless formula that will multiply and multiply itself long after you have walked the earth. Thus neither the soul nor the goal itself can rise any higher than its own matrix. Rather than pursuing many little endeavors concentrate then on that which will reach the star of your I AM Presence. -Nada, in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1986, book one, pp. 228-9.


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