in a state of illusion the people of God cannot defend liberty nor expand the threefold flame

1)  Thus the sign of the cosmic cross of whitefire does portend and foretell even at inner levels to every soul of this city that one cannot serve the Divine Mother and the Moloch of human greed….See to it therefore that you recognize that the hour of the judgment of Evil is come, and let yourselves become disentangled from all forces known or unknown anywhere upon this planet that take light and give nothing in return but illusion. Thus by being a part of them you create and multiply illusion; and in a state of illusion the people of God cannot defend liberty nor expand the threefold flame within their hearts….
I say to each and everyone of you, take the proferred gift of the Teachings and identify yourself as a true shepherd leading by example, Self-knowledge and the enlightenment of the Holy Ghost….Therefore we have come with joy to give unto those who would drink of our cup the cool clear waters that flow in the well at Luxor. We have come, beloved, to remind you that you are also called in this life to make your ascension….Therefore beloved, understand that it is a day and an age when all can be fulfilled. There is a path to be known and a soul that can fly….Blessed ones, nothing is too hard for thee when the desire is pure and the light does shine….
I AM Serapis pleased then to apprise you that wherever there is the arc of the Mother from Luxor there is the gathering of the seraphim led by Justinius, captain of seraphic bands!   -Serapis Bey: 2-1-1988 at Las Vegas, see

2)  153. The use of aromas in antiquity was connected with the study of cures. The priests indicated how to utilize aromas and in what cases to apply them. Thus without witchcraft one can trace an entire system of cures based on inhalation and the nourishing of the nervous system by rubbing aromatic essences into the skin. Thus the ancients looked far deeper than the surface of the skin.
163. One must prepare for higher realizations; only in such tendency of thought can the new consciousness of humanity be brought closer. One must again purify the great reality in order that it may become like a shelter for the traveler. So inevitable is reality and so beautiful that it would be madness to cast it aside from the great destined ascent.   -Morya: Heart 1932

3)  And in that hour you will be glad to cast aside the outworn garment and to consign it to the sacred fire. Therefore the law is given by my son of Luxor, Serapis Bey, for the cremation of the physical body. For did He not say that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God?…For the body is composed of light; and the light in the nucleus of every atom, molecule and cell must be demagnitized from the “earth, earthy” and the dust must be allowed to return to dust even as the light that preserved its matrix is allowed to spiral to the Great Central Sun as it is released from its encasement in form by the fire element.   -Sanat Kumara, 1979 Pearls, see

4)  There is no enduring the fire of seraphim.  Therefore take heed, for when the fire leaves the heart of the Mother in the release of invocation it is indeed the all-consuming fire.                                          Let the children of the light then apply the Law.  Let them give loving obedience [to the Law] and let there not be the dallying in unrighteousness, this tolerance of human error that ought not to be.  And let thy divinity be of the Compassionate One and not the false perfection of the mechanical one.           -Lanello:  3-29-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

5)  One must be sufficiently aligned in order to hear the Word of Righteousness and Truth spoken by the authoritative Self–wherever that Self may appear, even in disguise….                                                 Let this be a lesson that when you work the works of God the energy and light–the buoyancy of service–is not the result of physical rest or nourishment but in actuality an infusion of light that is a coil of initiation.  Obviously the necessity for obedience to the laws of chemistry, sleep and proper food is always wise, but in obeying these laws one must not become their prisoner.  One must not be so burdened by the laws of materiality that one loses the sense that one’s own spirit can transcend those laws when the hour requires it.                                                                                                                    I would then that chelas and especially staff members who are in physical closeness to our embodied Messenger would consider how precise is the Word that is released as divine direction for the individual personally and for the organization.  In the presence of this Word we together remain in awe.  And there is a tenderness and a quietude when one is so presently with such an immense fire as God is….    The greater devotion you give to the crystal clarity of our Word the more can be forthcoming. -Lanello:  12-27-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

6)  The Word is the will of the aum and the ray of your divinity.  -Morya:  “Chela and Path #16”, 1975 Pearls of Wisdom, see

7)  Chelas must magnetize one another in the flame of God.  -M:  “Chela and Path #10”, see

8)  If the soul would embrace the Infinite One through the chain of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet, she must subordinate herself to the ascended masters who will lead her on an ascending staircase to the source of being.  Only by so doing shall she be vested with the mysteries of God and His spiritual genius.  –Lanto, see


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