the call to me is as it were to access the cosmic computer of the Mother

Blessed ones, do understand that the call to me is as it were to access the cosmic computer of the Mother, of the Cosmic Virgin Herself….For it is I and the I AM that is the I in me to whom the Lord God gave that commission of holding the Office of the Mother    -Archeia Mary: 12-24-1983 at Camelot, see
Thus I send you to the heart of the Mother of all Buddhas. We are streams of light from Her heart, tributaries. You may follow the stream to Her heart and on the way be purified. It is a sublime experience of letting go, of not trying to do everything for yourself but recognizing that some things are done for you by the God within, the Goddess within, by the One who dwells in the innermost parts of your being.  Come then; let the Divine Mother water the seed and fear not to take the first little baby step to be the bodhisattva become the buddha.  Children are eager to take their steps when the time is right; so take yours….
Many espouse this principle (of equality) and they carry it through so long as they are among those whom they consider to be worthy of being their equal….and this is a state of idolatry….Find the sangha (or Sanskrit: samgha), find the buddha, find the dharma all locked within the inner divine spark. Enjoy then the peace of noncompetition, of not engaging in mental competition with others whom you think are more or less advanced than you are….Do realize that the self-emptying is the process whereby you are self-filled with the Real Self….
This is the meaning and purpose of a dictation–not always to reveal some grand new fact of the universe–but to empower you to employ and internalize the simple truths of being rather than merely hear about them. -Ratnasambhava: 1-1-1994 at RTR, Montana, see


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