weavings of the Cosmic Virgin

IMG_9277IMG_9280IMG_9281ospreyRuth HawkinsMumtaz
Be it also known that the matter that you observe has indeed other facets, other dimensions and other frequencies that you have not yet experienced. These are as it were the exalted manifestations of the weavings of the Cosmic Virgin outpictured through Omega–even the balancing factor of Spirit in what you have hitherto referred to as the planes of Spirit. And so you see the exaltation of motherhood as the materialization of Spirit occurs in each succeeding level of God-Self-awareness all the way back to the Great Central Sun and beyond….
Above all, as the God and Goddess Meru had taught me at inner levels in the temple at Lake Titicaca, I knew that to preserve Mater as a holy habitation of the Lord, to preserve Mater from the mechanical doctrines of the Luciferians I must practice the ritual of endowing life in form with the sacred quality of grace, love and joy….the beloved Lady Meru showed me that the most sacred gift of Motherhood and of the Mother-flame that abides in both male and female is this ability to endow the material creation with life and light and love. And thus is accomplished consciously by extending the fire from the heart–the fire that coalesces in mind–as the immaculate concept to every aspect of the creation. Without that love there is the proverbial criticism and the endless analysis that human beings make of one another that destroys the very fabric of the soul’s evolution -Archeia Mary: Pearls of Wisdom 17:50
Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins


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