the virgin light must also assess how the soul has chosen

360. Observe what kind of manifestations are most difficult for people to accept. Among such lawful manifestations, which are especially difficult to perceive, is the timeless speed of thought transmission. Even observations upon the speed of transmission of radio waves do not convince people. They cannot accept the fact that thought does not require time. No one is willing to understand that a mental question can instantly receive a response. -M: Aum 1936

50. Growing to love work is possible only by cognizing it. Likewise rhythm can be realized only when it has been absorbed into the nature of a man. Otherwise ignorance will rise up against lawful measures and constant discipline. To such ignorant ones the very concept of Brotherhood will appear as an intolerable utopia. -M: Brotherhood 1937

249. Even intelligent people cannot always reconcile the personal with the evolutionary. They cannot grasp the idea that there are dates destined for the world that they cannot separate themselves from. Such lack of understanding would be harmless if it were not for the rebellious action of the freewill causing harmful conflict. Man stubbornly persists in his own perceptions and does not admit other solutions. Much energy is required to tame such a freewill, therefore when we speak about alertness and flexibility of mind we want to prevent the harm that comes from such stubbornness. -Morya: Supermundane 1, 1938

412. It is especially horrible that the majority does not want to understand present events. They dance, trade and think that the present time represents the peak of achievement. Compare what is happening now with the events during other periods of decline and you will find that they have symptoms in common. People once dreamed of conquest and considered themselves the lawful masters of the world, but how suddenly these Towers of Babel collapsed!
434. But let us turn to the luminous powers. We have already described how careful they are in the use of primary energy and how they observe the laws of the universe. They know that a lawless waste of energy affects the entire universe and they labor to preserve the equilibrium. Can this great labor be compared to the petty attacks of evil? Who could say that a planet can exist without light? Who will dare to compare the dull glow of evil beings to the radiance of the higher spheres? -M: Supermundane 2, 1938
When French finance minister to Louis XIV J-B Colbert asked a merchant what relief he could give, he received for answer: “Laissez faire, laissez passer”–Don’t interfere with our mode of manufacture (weaving looms) and don’t stop foreign imports (related to French wine sales).
I remember Mark Prophet mentioning that his aide at La Tourelle–William, I think his name was, a very reserved person–had been Colbert and T.E. Lawrence in previous lives. -R, Mt. Shasta
Between 1227-51 a Cisterian monk, Alberic, compiled a year-by-year chronicle based chiefly on French information: 440 Aurelius Ambrosius, king of Britons; 442 Uther Pendragon, king of Britons; 459 Uther’s son, Arthur, king of Britons for 16 years. Salzburg Annals gives 461 accession of Pope Hilarius; “at this time Arthur reigned in Britain”.
Gregory of Tours, 6th century historian, gives: Childeric ~450s as head of Franks in n. Gaul by and by married Basina and their child was Clovis. -source: Geoffrey Ashe: Discovery of King Arthur, Doubleday, Garden City, 1985, pp. 107-10, see
We see then that there are those elements of those powers and rulers who are of the fallen ones who delight in bringing the soul before trial and before the courts of the world and the courts of hell. We see that the virgin light is the defender of the soul. But the virgin light must also assess how the soul has chosen between the counterfeiting spirit and the universal light. And therefore the conclusion of the judgment is according to one’s creation. The body that one will wear, the plane on which one will serve will be the fruit of this passing through the experience of the two-edged sword dividing the Real Self and the not-Self.
-Messengers M and E Prophet, see


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