symbol for this endeavor: a simple golden heart with a lighthouse rising from it

KYIV, September 4 /Ukrinform/. Criminals who, on the instructions of their Russian curators, intimidated volunteers by setting fire to their cars have been detained in Mykolaiv, the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has reported.
“SBU counterintelligence has stopped the activity of a group of persons who set fire to the cars of residents of Mykolaiv (shipbuilding center of .5 million 40 miles from Black Sea, northwest of Crimea) who provided humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian military in the area of the anti-terrorist operation,” reads the report.
According to SBU, a criminal group was formed by a 48-year-old employee of a Mykolaiv-based energy supplying company who returned from Moscow.
“Under the order of curators from Russia, group members gathered information about volunteers and public activists who delivered humanitarian assistance to servicemen of the 79th airborne brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” SBU said.
The group leader and three of his accomplices were detained when they set fire to the car of a local patriot.
How many see the difference between the negative and the positive? How many see that God is the great positive pole and that the Earth and life here in the womb-manifestation is the negative pole? Here we see that substance is matter or Mater–it’s the Mother, you see…(we) the masculine power of God is the spirit of life, the animating principle, and we are a soul (feminine side of our aspiring nature) clothed upon with material substance, i.e., Mater-energy coalesced in matter-form….
There are dark and malevolent spirits in the universe, and they are legion. They are the example of the misappropriation of freewill to the death, in effect, of the deity (divinity) in their sphere of influence. They are the dead whose end is foreknown as the handwriting on the wall–written by the hand of their ancient and current choices. -Messenger Mark Prophet, see
Aided and abetted by the race of fallen angels known as “serpents” (human and false hierarchy) intellect engaged in its own reasoning and it decided to eat of the forbidden fruit; and in so doing it dropped the immaculate concept of the Deity.
-Messenger Mark Prophet, see
(symbol for this endeavor:) a simple golden heart with a lighthouse rising from it and (inscribed upon it Destiny not dust) that speak of the majesty of the divine heart, holding forth the light to the world -El Morya: 12-31-1967 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
for some the weaving of the tangled gnarl of astral body and the wanton misuse of energy is as it were the coffin built by the misappropriation in base ignorance of the gift of freewill and the gift of fire crystallized in the mist become matter….
Therefore to experience Life descending and ascending at the very same point of the nexus–this is the experience, this is the self-knowledge of equilibrium, cosmic equilibrium, and at that point [the laya center] one can be and know oneself as God above/God below, God in the center of the flow holding the balance for cosmos, retaining the flame, guarding the flame here in matter. -Gautama Buddha: 12-31-1987 at RTR, Montana

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