individuals began first of all within themselves to express some form of inharmony and then this was transmitted

This is a solemn moment, and I am calling to your attention so that you will recognize that there is something that you can do and that is to continue to call for the awakening of mankind. -Divine Director: 11-5-1966 at Los Angeles, see
On October 30, 1066 in cooperation with the God and Goddess Meru, Lanto was granted the dispensation by the Karmic Board for a “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination to pulsate 300 feet into the atmosphere over the colleges, universities, divinity and theological schools of America and the world whose students and faculty were and would be receptive to knowledge from higher spheres….(One) may call this flame into action on behalf of the faculty and student body. -Messenger ECP, see
Yet today much of the (South American) region occupied by those grand temples and cities lies a tangled jungle ruin. Why, gracious ones, is this so? It is so because the minds and hearts of those individuals did not actually keep pace with the scientific advancement that life had vouchsafed unto them. Rather, individuals began first of all within themselves to express some form of inharmony and then this was transmitted unto other parts of life. And there came into play a vying with one another for recognition and acknowledgment of the dreams of their life and the unfoldment thereof.
And so it was by the spirit of competition and the competement of individuals with one another that inharmony rode in. And the civilization led by priests of sacred light who had fallen from their lofty office eventually came down to the banality of ruin; and the ruin that manifested there in South America was very great. But because of the light that they had sent forth–which light ascended unto God reaching up into the very heavens itself–it was decreed by a karmic law that we should maintain a great spiritual focus of majestic light here. And so at Lake Titicaca, a region relatively unspoiled by mortal thought and feeling, there sprang into manifestation the full focus of the gathered momentum of all of the lifestreams and their constructive endeavors–to merge into the great cosmic flame of illumination. -God Meru: 8-28-1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet
226. People should not compete to be innovative, but should train themselves to think about the useful and the beautiful. It would be better to think about essentials and how one can contribute the utmost good to the world. -Morya: Supermundane 1, 1938
286. Armageddon should not be understood as only a physical battle. It is full of incalculable dangers among which will be epidemics, but the most ruinous consequence will be psychic perversions. People will lose trust in one another and will compete in doing evil. They will develop a persistent hatred of all except their own kind and will sink into irresponsibility and depravity. -M: Supermundane 2, 1938



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