One-pointedness is absolutely essential to the gathering of momentums

I can give you rather specific help here, for the holding of the immaculate conception for every electron of life belonging to this planet Earth is my particular specialization of service to the Great White Brotherhood.  One-pointedness is absolutely essential to the gathering of momentums of power; and the development of this God-virtue by me in many, many embodiments before my ascension was the preparation required to be able to be entrusted with the tremendous responsibility of forming the sacred hearts of the humanity of an entire planet….the simplicity of just being one’s self is a very wonderful way to begin the perfecting of one’s world….if there begins to stir within the personality a deep desire to improve and perfect itself instead of merely copying another lifestream, let it look to and copy the constructive way of life of the Christ within.  Let it start its perfecting process by emulating the expression of the God-qualities of divine love, forgiveness, patience, poise, gratitude, generosity and so on    -Archeia Mary:  6-5-1959 via Messenger Mark Prophet


…that fire that can be transferred to all whom you meet that are of the light.  Thus having this fire transferred by the message of the Holy Spirit by the preachment and the teaching of the Law and best of all by the example of the light of the heart and the eye, they then shall respond….No division or schism, no understanding of hatred, only the oneness of the children of light everywhere.   -Archangel Gabriel:  4-8-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles


Remember this land, beloved, thou who dost remember the God-star Sirius.  Remember well that this land is so consecrated to God-government for the turning around of worlds and all the mischief-making of 10,000 years of the betrayers of the living Word….For if ye defend not a land so consecrated by ascended hosts to the Law of Liberty, how can you receive again thy native Sun, the God-star Sirius?   -Maha Chohan:  10-24-1987 at Indianapolis, see



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