Mankind as a whole think very little of the Life they use

Mankind as a whole think very little of the Life they use, but this being who has magnetized the light and passed it down to us has given us the responsibility of choosing the lifestreams who can best amplify it.  We in turn pass that Life on to you hoping that you will amplify it in good.  You in turn give it to someone that you can see will benefit by it, and so on.  Then on the return current the responsibility passes back.  What the various chelas do with the light and to whom they give it–they are responsible to their chohans.  What the chohans do with the light–they are responsible to the Maha Chohan.  What the Maha Chohan does with the Life he has drawn–he is responsible for to the Sun.  Therefore he is most careful of the conscious energies that are given in dictations and in the conveying of confidences to individuals who might be just playing with the Law.  All of that energy which is drawn, qualified and directed passes through his cosmic heart.  It is directed by him, given in a pure state, and if it is qualified imperfectly he through his own chelas must redeem it and return it to the Sun because he took the responsibility of drawing it forth.    -Kuthumi:  8-21-1954 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente (trained mainly by Morya), Law of Life and Teachings III, A.D.K. Luk Publications, Pueblo, CO, 1978, pp. 648-9.

The center at the throat is the power center; the negative aspect is the desire for power and personal recognition, envy, jealousy, domination and many of the activities that have caused failure in people of great light.  The positive aspect is the power to create perfection.  -Elohim Peace via Geraldine Innocente, p. 635 of ibid.





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