Cosmic magnification which is the fruit of divine sowing

Cosmic magnification which is the fruit of divine sowing does not seek to embellish the ego or to make the individual to feel that he is above his fellowmen–rather does it seek the identification of the individual with cosmic resources which enlarge the borders of man’s perception by the light of divine truth.   -Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:40


And when their (unbelievers’) bestial natures are aroused and they feel that they might lose something in a personal way they can be very difficult even to the point of becoming a menace to the entire social order….We on the other hand who have contact with the Most High–and a knowledgeable contact at that–are able to weld together the entire body of God in the universe through the power we transmit over spiritual cables of love and light.   -Archangel Michael:  Pearl 11:37


II, vii, 3.  Night fell. Christ was seated at a threshold.  A scribe approached and asked: “Why dost thou sit in the passageway?”  Christ answered: “Because I am the threshold of the Spirit. If thou wouldst pass, pass through Me.”  -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925



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