Beware of those who seek to conquer planes of Mater without

The reward of selflessness is divine vision….Efface self and you shall see the murkiness, the density disappear. You shall behold reality. You shall have God-control. You shall win. You shall be able by the power of sight to determine every word, every step. You will not lose one erg of energy in impatience, in intolerance, in irritation for love is the fulfilling of the law of selflessness. -Elohim Cyclopea: 10-11-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger ECP
Beware of those who seek to conquer planes of Mater without the infusion of the flame of Spirit, for these are the Luciferians and the fallen ones who will come to mankind as antichrist with great miracles and great manifestations of power which they have stolen from the Most High God….
The greatest danger to the evolution of this planet is pride, the belief that man can attain all things without God. -Elohim Cyclopea: 12-30-1973 at Mexico City via Messenger ECP


all governments who have departed from the purpose of freedom

1)  many adults become stiffly engrossed in a regimen so fierce as to repel every attempt which God makes to illumine them.  Tenderness of heart must be guarded against when it manifests as human sympathy but it can be considered a virtue of the first magnitude when it engenders that great openness of spirit which is the attunement of the inner ear to the voice of God.     -Divine Director:  “Opportunity” in Pearls of Wisdom 1965

2)  Whereas there is much to be gained from fellowship with friends and from companionship along the way, and the gregarious nature of man is not without divine design, there is also a dominant theme active within the universal principle of life.  That is the silent night of man’s contemplation wherein he enters into the consoling vibratory action of the divine heart and returns to the world with the blessedness which only that heart can give.  -Archeia Mary:  1-22-1967 via Messenger M or E Prophet

3)  And so you see the heart that is free of the Luciferian compromises is a heart whose devotion flows from untrammeled heights, from the depths of the soul and without the patterns of complexity that mark those consciousnesses which are farthest from the center of truth.  Devotion of heart is a springboard to devotion of Christ’s mind.  -Archeia Mary:  1-1-1974 via Messenger ECP at Mexico City

4)  …therefore faith in a comprehensive understanding of the flame of faith as that very undergirding of the universe by cosmic law, in the understanding of faith as a cohesive light within the cells of the body and the mind, the understanding  of faith as the bending of the ties in all contracts human and divine–marriage contracts, business contracts, the Guru/chela relationship based upon faith that is a fundamental trust.  And it is this trust which you must never never allow to be broken between your heart and Mother’s heart.  For I am with and in Mother here on earth.                                                …understand that the control of the divine economy of Earth is the necessary control over all of those nations who are determined to spread World Communism around the world….I therefore proclaim the exposure of the temptation [upon souls] of Serpent to descend to those levels of Socialism and Communism which do not allow the individual to earn his own stripes and his own stars as the focus in the causal body of attainment of the soul here below….Therefore all governments who have departed from the purpose of freedom and the guarantee of the rights of the people under God on earth shall be bound, shall come to an end, shall be terminated as the Prince of Peace shall rise nation by nation through the individual embodiment of the Prince of Peace.    -Archeia Mary:  5-15-1983 at Camelot

5)  There I say, let faith abound as a spiral that proceeds from center because the center is twirling.  If the center is not twirling then a spiral will not be produced but only the straight lines that can be vulnerable.  But the spiral is never vulnerable for it is tightly wound, and thus the spiral is God’s way of manifesting the faith of the mighty sapphire in your world.  -Archeia Mary via Messenger M or E Prophet

6)  Blessed hearts, my request of you is to let your Messenger be your star so that you may become your star also.  With this understanding, beloved, you will allow there to be a trailblazer before you and you will know that as you do not set limits on the Messenger you will not set limits upon yourself….                                                                                                            Blessed ones, let the world’s eyes be opened, for your decrees and this karmic circumstance (the illicit and deceitful occupation of eastern Europe by the Soviets) have surely turned the entire situation into a lesson that must not be allowed to be lost….They do not have the momentum in their sails save that which you give them by negative thinking and that which they get from the Twelfth Planet.  Therefore on with the labor on Moscow and the Soviets, for those fallen angels have not been cleared at all, neither have the conduits.  So, beloved, there do remain fallen angels; lest they multiply, beloved, may you act.   -Lanello:  3-3-1991 at RTR, Montana

7)  And if ye would one day fulfill thy destiny, know then that spiral nebulae shall flow from thy heart with greater ease than a spider spinning a web.  -Alpha:  12-29-1963 via Messenger Mark Prophet

8)  When you place yourself before a teacher who is not tied to the Great White Brotherhood, who does not have
God-control of his four lower bodies or of anger [or the Martian A’s the Messenger has listed] and who is in some kind of a valley of indecision, choosing to live neither in light nor in darkness but in a gray area, you open yourself up to receive from that teacher whatever untransmuted substance is lodged in his electronic belt. [For the pupil is always the one
who receives and the teacher is always the one who gives.]  And you will not be able to screen out the psychic from the nonpsychic, for the psychic vibration pollutes the entire stream of consciousness of the one who lets himself flow with it.        -Morya:  Easter, 4-16-1995 at RTR, Montana


Ukraine asks for large-scale military aid from EU

Ukraine asks for large-scale military aid from EU 3 p.m. Kiev 8-28-14
Bulgaria is in information war with Russia, says Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry report “Outlook 2020: Bulgaria and NATO in European defence”, published on the ministry website.
1936 Star of the Hero - Nicholas Roerich
61. The formula of keeping pace with cosmos in accelerated rhythm will afford the best understanding of life. -Morya: Infinity 1, 1930
103. Keeping a correct direction is already a victory. Our help is ready to pour forth but it must be for someone and into something. Who then can aid us with straight and simple striving? -M: Heart 1932
320. In the same way the command to use every possible resource for keeping the peace stands for all time to come. Although mankind seems to have forgotten Him who gave this command it has nonetheless entered into human consciousness. One should always question whether all peaceful measures have been applied, but without causing the loss of human dignity. -M: Supermundane 2, 1938
And I place my focus at the peak of Mount Shasta and I place that electrode for the drawing of all who are tied to my heart for the victory of the age. And that mandala is set and it is secure. -Lanello, see

Make an effort to give your discourses beauty, simplicity and purity


1) You were saved from the moment you were born in God’s heart….It is important that you fulfill the calling of God each day, work to your best, acknowledge His power, deny the forces of darkness, and let there be room for mirth and joy in your heart, the joy of overcoming….Forget not the all-seeing Eye. Forget not your wholeness for in your single-eyed vision is your victory. -Elohim Cyclopea: 1-1-1972 via Messenger Mark Prophet
2) For the Divine Mother is the sacred science….The Sacred Cosmos In the Energy Consciously ENfolding man–this is the meaning of the word science….For the Earth shall be filled with the glory of the true religion, the true prophecy and the Law, the true science, the one science–the alchemy of God that is the all-chemistry of all elements of perfection unfolding themselves within man the microcosm and man the macrocosm. -Leto: 1973 (?) via Messenger M or E Prophet
3) The unconscious is that portion of the self that shall never return to God….We must stand apart from this synthetic self and through God the Mighty I AM Presence direct the violet flame and the sacred fire into it that it might be utterly consumed. -Messenger ECP: 5-21-1989
4) do you not see the alchemy that has gone into the formation of the mountains, of the lakes, of the Earth itself and the crust of the Earth and the interior? Elohim did create by the exact science of matter….
Blessed ones, you are a key, you are an absolute key to that balancing of the light upon Earth, to increasing the light whereby the light swallows up the darkness itself. -Leto: 10-28-1990 at NYC via Messenger ECP
5) The mind of God is present in you, beloved, when you have keen awareness and an absolute foreknowledge of conclusions that must be made, of decisions, of the future itself. The opening of the mind of God within you has to do with your calling to Mighty Cosmos for the five secret rays. -Vajrasattva: 6-28-1993 at RTR, Montana via Messenger ECP


93.  Progress in liberating the consciousness will yield the possibility of becoming flexible. And not achievement, not privation, not exaltation, but quality of consciousness enables one to break away from a long occupied place. In a long-occupied place there is so much smokiness, so much sourness and dust.  

125.  Make an effort to give your discourses beauty, simplicity and purity.    -Morya:  Community 1926

646.  one must value these threads without which one can sink into chaos. In the West, religion signifies the link with God, with the highest principle; this means that every tie must be cherished, and the most important intercourse will be through the fiery thought process.  -M:  Fiery World 1933

spiritual preparedness and fearlessness is above all half of the battle won

But, beloved ones, the time will come when unless there are representatives in government who will champion the cause of light that these fallen ones will seek to move against the vanguard of light….And so therefore you can see why it is important that you preserve your life, your health, your security in this octave, that you prepare and be mobile for any catastrophe whatsoever and that you realize that spiritual preparedness and fearlessness is above all half of the battle won. For when all the world is in fear and chaos those who survive are those who keep, as you say, a cool head….
Precious ones, I must warn the student body that even as the fallen ones have moved to use and manipulate the economy of America against the freedom and the light of lightbearers, so they have moved specifically to work against lightbearers and against our outer organization, the Church Universal and Triumphant -Gautama Buddha: 4-23-1978 at NYC, see


individuals began first of all within themselves to express some form of inharmony and then this was transmitted

This is a solemn moment, and I am calling to your attention so that you will recognize that there is something that you can do and that is to continue to call for the awakening of mankind. -Divine Director: 11-5-1966 at Los Angeles, see
On October 30, 1066 in cooperation with the God and Goddess Meru, Lanto was granted the dispensation by the Karmic Board for a “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination to pulsate 300 feet into the atmosphere over the colleges, universities, divinity and theological schools of America and the world whose students and faculty were and would be receptive to knowledge from higher spheres….(One) may call this flame into action on behalf of the faculty and student body. -Messenger ECP, see
Yet today much of the (South American) region occupied by those grand temples and cities lies a tangled jungle ruin. Why, gracious ones, is this so? It is so because the minds and hearts of those individuals did not actually keep pace with the scientific advancement that life had vouchsafed unto them. Rather, individuals began first of all within themselves to express some form of inharmony and then this was transmitted unto other parts of life. And there came into play a vying with one another for recognition and acknowledgment of the dreams of their life and the unfoldment thereof.
And so it was by the spirit of competition and the competement of individuals with one another that inharmony rode in. And the civilization led by priests of sacred light who had fallen from their lofty office eventually came down to the banality of ruin; and the ruin that manifested there in South America was very great. But because of the light that they had sent forth–which light ascended unto God reaching up into the very heavens itself–it was decreed by a karmic law that we should maintain a great spiritual focus of majestic light here. And so at Lake Titicaca, a region relatively unspoiled by mortal thought and feeling, there sprang into manifestation the full focus of the gathered momentum of all of the lifestreams and their constructive endeavors–to merge into the great cosmic flame of illumination. -God Meru: 8-28-1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet
226. People should not compete to be innovative, but should train themselves to think about the useful and the beautiful. It would be better to think about essentials and how one can contribute the utmost good to the world. -Morya: Supermundane 1, 1938
286. Armageddon should not be understood as only a physical battle. It is full of incalculable dangers among which will be epidemics, but the most ruinous consequence will be psychic perversions. People will lose trust in one another and will compete in doing evil. They will develop a persistent hatred of all except their own kind and will sink into irresponsibility and depravity. -M: Supermundane 2, 1938


reach for the highest star of purpose in your life

I can only repeat the call and plead in Jesus’ name for each and everyone of you to reach for the highest star of purpose in your life and to offer yourself in your families and communities to draw this greater light that you have felt, or perhaps not felt yet which has passed through you this day for a cleansing, a purging of the planet and then a healing….Neglect not then the cleansing of mind and body and heart.  Neglect not the soul-searching that is necessary in order for you to come forward and be a part of the rescue mission of the angels to save a nation and a planet and a people, but most of all to save your own soul.   -Archeia Mary:  12-9-1984 at Minneapolis, see


Pentagon: Russia supplies terrorists with military hardware

Government forces detain ten Russian paratroopers near Ilovaisk – media