For in the heart of the All-Father, as it is well known by every angel, is the cascade of light from soundless heights

First the dark ones destroy the faith of men in the divine plan and then they destroy the faith of the individual in himself. Out of this whirlwind of destruction man emerges with a feeling of utter helplessness and, knowing not which way to go, he impugns the purity of his brother’s heart….the children of Belial, masquerading as angels of light, will allow themselves to be caught momentarily behaving very badly but they will do so in a limited way where only a few are able to observe. When those who witness their behavior out of honor make it known to others the masquerader will point the accusing finger at the one who speaks the truth and dares to expose the lie. The wolf in sheep’s clothing will then retreat behind a mask of innocence, concealing the blackness of his heart from the multitudes, his purpose being accomplished through the spread of the poison of hatred against the souls who have the courage to stand for truth and justice.
But I say, fear not, for the Lord is with thee who uphold truth in the world domain….No man can long deceive the powers of heaven, yet heaven must maintain an immaculate concept toward the world, for only God is real and only justice and goodness endure….And, throwing up the arms of the heart, will you clasp to yourself the precious secrets of the light itself as the illuminator of the world? -Archangel Gabriel: Pearl 12:49
The dark threads, the coarse threads, these come from the activities of the black magicians and man’s domination of natural forces from far-off millenniums. That these threads have been preserved to the present hour and increased is the cause of all sorrow and pain upon the planet. For in the heart of the All-Father, as it is well known by every angel, is the cascade of light from soundless heights, leading the entire world to a vision of ethereal perfection which also permeates the natural order, visible even to the mortal eye. -Listening Angel: Pearls of Wisdom 12:50


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