Canada’s secrecy on TPP “unprecedented”

New Zealand law professor Jane Kelsey has attended many of the rounds as a registered stakeholder, and, when that process ended without any explanation, as an observer. She describes Canada’s secrecy as “unprecedented.”

“There can only be one reason for withholding the details: to shut down the remaining minimal access we have to negotiators, a number of whom are happy to meet with us,” Kelsey says. “When governments are so afraid of informed public debate, they clearly do not believe they can sell the merits of what they are negotiating.”


7-11-14  As negotiators gather in Ottawa this week for the latest round of talks on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, the opposition to (a) the TPP deal itself and (b) the Trade Promotion Authority needed to pass it into US law is increasing within the US Congress. This morning’s Washington Trade Daily reports that “several members of Congress said yesterday that a majority of the House oppose either one or both.”

Reportedly, four letters have been written by members of Congress to the White House warning against the non-transparent rules which will attempt to tie the hands of Congress when the legislation for the TPP and TPA come to the House floor. “The four letters include 190 separate House signatures – including 29 Republicans and 161 Democrats. Include a number of members now “sitting on the fence” on the issues, who are likely to vote against either or both measures and opponents will have a solid majority, commented Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn).  Gordon Campbell on TPP talks and the election in Afghanistan | Scoop News


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