People have distorted the meaning of the word “harmony”

III, vi, 1. People have distorted the meaning of the word “harmony.” Into this concept there has been inserted something clerical, a fold of the chiton (a loose woollen tunic), the immortelle of non-existent love, and even a knitted stocking. It were better without any harps to replace this withered concept with a more energetic one: let us say “sensitiveness of cooperation.” Without it the Community cannot exist. Violation of it provokes resentment; resentment begets dullness and stupidity.
A man who is depressed by resentment is attracted to a single point. Becoming immobile the man inevitably becomes dull. Dullness like rust corrodes a portion of the fundamental substance.
Everything vibrates, undulates and breathes amidst lightning flashes.
In the days of great constructions do not tolerate a rusty anchor; rust will not withstand a sweeping vortex!
III, vi, 7. In communal occupations do not indulge in thoughts about the recent past; think either about the future or the wisdom of the ages. The fragments and dust of the husks of the past fill space too much. Attracted by the magnet of thought they weave unclean phantoms which are difficult to drive away. Expelled from one corner they camp in another, until they are again reduced to dust by a conscious stroke of the will.
III, vi, 9. Among the problems of future evolution remember that after solitary work it is necessary to pass to the organization of far more complex units.
One may have had occasion to see examples of the labor of saturated rhythm in separate individuals or in very small communities, but a large crowd or assembly of people does not know how to utilize this principle.
There is an old saying–“Be cautious of the crowd.” But there is another, equally old–“The crowd must be taught to work in spirit.”
The external aspects of labor may be very diverse, but let rhythm be sensed and then the work will be of a completely different quality.
III, vi, 15. What external condition is indispensable for quality of labor? Light. Only light makes labor productive and useful. The butterfly can fly until its rainbow pollen is exhausted. Man has the same rainbow force which absorbs the power of the light by means of photoplasm. The different plasms are intermediaries between the visible and the invisible. Photoplasm, being an emanation of the nervous system, forms a rainbow pollen which absorbs rays of light and conveys them into the nerve channels.
The best connections with the light are obtained in the morning. Therefore do not shut out the morning light. Work in the light, make decisions in the light, pass judgments in the light, grieve in the light, rejoice in the light. Nothing is to be compared with the light-wave….
John of the hundred-thousands, take your share! Soon when endeavor turns into victory, the seed of the common good will give each one the power of the ray. Thus let us remember when beginning the morning labor and courageously continue it on into infinity. –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925


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