in everything one can study the golden mean, the very path of justice.

320. Millefolium , or “Thousand Leaves,” was the name of an ancient decoction of wild field herbs. Its significance lay in the belief that the field flora is in itself already a collective panacea. Of course such a combination of plant forces is very noteworthy; for who better than Nature can match up conformable neighbors! The proportions and methods of adaptation rest in the hands of man. Verily each symphony of vegetation astonishes one by its consonance. Creativeness is rich, both externally and internally, but as a rule people cruelly violate this precious veil of the Mother of the World. For the sake of plunder they prefer the bony grin of the death’s-head on the sand. Political economy should be based upon an understanding of the values of nature and their wise use; otherwise the state will rest on sand. Thus in everything one can study the golden mean, the very path of justice.
326. It is quite inadmissible to think of attracting the fiery element for the purpose of plunder and destruction. I repeat, these are the ways of ignorance which must be abandoned. Let him who has cut down a tree immediately plant another in its place. Let the gardener reap with one hand, sow with the other. The simple rules against plunder must be among the first lessons taught at school. The teacher must prepare the spirit for the most fiery assimilations. Only by constantly affirming the ways of the future can one prepare the warriors of the spirit. -Morya: Fiery World 1933
III, v, 16. It must be said to those choosing a lesser portion: “Self-belittlers, you have driven yourselves from the garden through habits of lightmindedness! Perceive how easy it would have been to acknowledge the messenger of the chalice. Together with him you could have planted a seedling of great freedom.” –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925
491. Despite the battle we gather in solemnity. We have rejected everything planted in malice and have collected the manifested store of good. Above all achievements of the heart solemnity radiates. We sound the summons toward it, we indicate it! -M: Heart 1932
There is a real plot that is a skein of maya across the planetary body like a spider’s web. The worst thing about the plot is that the Luciferians have successfully divided the children of light. They have divided them on the religious scene into camps of opposing and warring factions until the viciousness and the fanaticism of those who call themselves this or that religion–against one another and against the teachings of the ascended masters–is an absolute tragedy. But it exists and we must face it. We see the same thing in the political arena. -Messenger ECP: Freedom 1975, see
Present in the canvas (depicting the divine plan-thoughtform for 1985) that is drawn, at the lower left, is an anchor, an anchor such as used by Maitreya in his clippership. It signifies the anchoring of planet Earth in the bedrock of Maitreya’s consciousness. In the upper right corner are the scales signifying the balance of all forces and karmic cycles. -Gautama Buddha: 12-31-1984, see


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