There comes an hour in a planetary evolution that either the planet must excel or it must go back, for the forces at stake will go in either direction

IMG_8861Thus the more strong and independent and separated out if you will from the international institutions and the monopolies and the multinational corporations that you become the more secure you will find yourself and less affected when that judgment must descend [upon the seed of the Wicked One]….There comes an hour in a planetary evolution that either the planet must excel or it must go back, for the forces at stake will go in either direction….
And if some of you are new to this Teaching I say fear not, for greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. Jesus also said that you must become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. You must study the cunning of the serpents and the moves they are making. You must not be oblivious to them. You must have their wisdom [which is God’s] but not their cruelty, not their perverseness, not their death culture, not their [self-]indulgence and not their nonaccountability….
And the fruit of victory becomes the crown of those who understand. Understanding is a great gift of the servants of God, understanding that does not demand but that knows that [as] each one gives his all, in the next round [he] will come up higher….Beloved ones, the principle and the actuality of Community is vast. It is cooperative. It is interaction at all levels and sharing and drinking of the one cup, sensing one another’s needs and then summoning the strength and the wisdom to supply them.
May you retain all [instruction] in the higher mind and may your Christ Self deliver to you the certain direction and knowledge of decisions you must make in the hours and days to come. I send forth the mandate to each individual heart for God-obedience and alignment with the will of God as the sense of faith and power and protection needed for the days ahead. -Archangel Zadkiel: 7-1-1984 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana, see
136. We avoid external commands, preferring to guide the will in order that the consciousness should realize the need of action. Apart from obvious consequences, the karma created by external command is important.
249. Fearlessly and without self-pity must one take up the burden of vigilance. There is no weariness when devastation is at the gates, when the power of psychic energy can gush forth in an irresistible current. Compare your situation with that in Holland where the level of the sea is often higher than the land. -M: Community 1926
351. But if people would realize how multiformly chaos intrudes into existence they would realize the need of caution. Each dissonance, each decay if not immediately dissolved carries the tide of the chaos of the elements of destruction. -M: Heart 1932
134. People who bear within themselves the element of brotherly cooperation can be observed from early childhood. Usually they are sharply distinguished from all surrounding them. Their power of observation is high and their impressionability strong. They are not satisfied with mediocrity and they stand apart, eschewing commonly accepted enjoyments. It can be observed that they seem to bear within themselves some sort of inner task. They can see much and make note of it in their consciousness; they are usually compassionate as if they remember the value of this quality. They are indignant at grossness of conduct as if realizing all the baseness of such quality. They are concentrated upon their favorite subjects, and they are surrounded by envy and malevolence since they are not understood and remain alien among people. It is not easy to live one’s life with an uplifted consciousness as it cannot be content amidst the general denial of everything that leads toward light. -M: Brotherhood 1937


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