what Kremlin wants in Ukraine; The four cosmic forces initiate the Order of the Ruby Cross


The negotiations in Donetsk on June 23 were the result of an intensive, mostly behind-the-scenes process that began with a brief conversation between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Putin in Normandy.

The starting conditions are acceptable to Moscow. Kiev has stopped referring to the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic as terrorists, de facto recognizing them as participants in the negotiations — including, and more importantly, its Prime Minister Alexander Borodai*, a Russian citizen.

This has legitimized the real players in Ukraine’s eastern region, including its Russian members. Poroshenko has indicated that he is serious about the talks by enlisting the political heavyweight and former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma to negotiate on his behalf, along with Kuchma’s former chief-of-staff Viktor Medvedchuk, a close friend of Putin and the most pro-Russian figure in the Ukrainian political field — and himself well-integrated into that milieu.

What is Russia’s goal? It is exactly what senior Russian officials have repeatedly stated — namely, the decentralization of Ukraine with rights guarantees for different population groups and the formal declaration of Ukraine as a neutral state.

Russia is no longer willing to rely on outside guarantees and prefers creating a sort of built-in “disabling device”, perhaps a political party, that would prevent Ukraine from moving in a direction undesirable to the Kremlin. This hypothetical party has almost no chance of ever coming to power in Ukraine, but it would carry enough influence to exercise veto power over Kiev’s strategic decisions.

………………………………….* Borodai, a Russian citizen, had earlier worked as a political adviser to Sergey Aksyonov, the prime minister of the republic of Crimea.
Alexander Borodai lives in Moscow. -wikiipedia.com …………………………………………………………….

The four cosmic forces initiate the Order of the Ruby Cross.  And the first beast was like a lion.  He is the ruler of the north arm of the cross and of the fire quadrant in Spirit and in matter.  When the lion roareth, the king of the beasts, the fire of first cause proceedeth out of his mouth.  And his word is the endowment of the grund and the ungrund (form and formless) with primal energy.  His is the force of the fiery baptism.  He is the king of the inner court opening the sacred mysteries of the heart under the hierarchy of Leo.  His key is the key to the incarnate God.  When he is the Father in the Son he manifests himself as the lion of the tribe of Juda, saying, I and my Son are one.

Lo, I AM the open door of the fiery baptism that is the restoration of the hundred and forty and four thousand to wholeness through repentance and remission of sins.  Holiness to the Lord!  Holiness to the Lord!  Holiness to the Lord!  As in fire our God is Father, the All-in-all, so in earth he is the Holy Ghost.   -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal, chapter 4, 1979


I, xi, 3. Even a dove should become a lion. Not we but you are in need of your courage. With a smile arrest the destruction of the temple. Only by courage can you master a flight. All will happen in due time. Understand that one must repeat: “Courage and patience.” Let people look at the task of polishing a stone: how firmly and cautiously moves the workman’s hand–and only for his daily pay. Incomparable is the work of a creator.
III, i, 3. Worship had no place in the Teaching of the Lord; its essence was knowledge and personal achievement. Just this was the characteristic trait of the Teaching of the Lord. Precisely because of this His symbol was the lion.
Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925
41. The blessed lion garbed in fearlessness, ordained to teach the manifestation of courage.
249. Observe with an eagle eye, and with the leap of a lion take possession of the ordained power. Delay not! -M: Community 1926
79. Observe the effects of the Teaching upon the humble. Often they bear the hurricane of enlightenment better than those who are considered great.
91. We set milestones, but the realization itself must be achieved independently. This corresponds to the degree of “Lion of the Desert.” It demonstrates the freeing of oneself from Earth and earthly possessions.
110. The degree of “Lion of the Desert” especially permits the fulfillment of one’s thought. Therefore one must be particularly cautious. The degree of “Lion of the Desert” knows no offense. Who could offend? The great heart can contain all.
438. The dove was considered the symbol of purity, the serpent the symbol of wisdom, and the lion the symbol of the fire of fearlessness.
481. The one traveling the path of knowledge walks like the lion of the desert. Who will respond to the roar of a lion? Only another lion free of fear. -Morya: Agni Yoga 1929
169. Execute my decree in the most precise manner; precision is essential for small clefts are very dangerous. One must hold out with the Lion-Heart. -Morya: Fiery World 1933


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