one must distinguish between that which is spiritual eternally in the heavens and not made with hands and that which is the Babylonian imitation of the fallen ones

1)  Babylon symbolizes self.  -Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce, reading 281-36. 

  It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother’s keeper….
  If those in position to give of their means, their wealth, their education do not take these things into consideration, there must be that leveling that will come.  For unless the needs are considered there must eventually come a revolution in this country….All too often has this message been forgotten in the pulpits and in the organizations….
  There cannot be one measuring rod for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter and another for the man behind the moneychangers.  All are equal–not only under the material law but under the spiritual.  And His laws, His will will not come to naught!…And only those who have set their ideal in Him and practiced it in their dealings with their fellowman may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord….
  And then there should be, there will be those rising to power who are able to meet the needs.   -reading 3976-18 (6-20-1938), see
2)  And we reject those stones who have not allowed themselves to pass through the furnace of the Lord God Almighty for the purging of those elements of Antichrist….the beginning of the overturning of Babylon the Great and the Great Whore and the false prophet and all that cometh out of the bottomless pit is the mutual interdependence of the sons and daughters of God under the Almighty One whereby there is formed a diamond chain–links forged of the gold of hearts aflame with power, wisdom and love–and that the forging of this union worldwide will provide the impetus to renew determination to the stand for freedom, to the parting of the veil, that the saints who stand on the line where light meets darkness and swallows it up will behold the parting of the curtain and see there the hosts of heaven, the armies encamped on the hillsides of the world and the entire cosmic hierarchy ready to deliver planet Earth–ready to give birth to the Divine Manchild!  -Jesus Christ:  12-25-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles
3)  Let them have their palaces on earth!  Let them have their rockets and their armies!  Have none of it, beloved hearts, for there is given unto you the Person of Christ who is all and every­thing and salvation and victory and peace!  And there shall come a rest unto the people of God.  For all things have been foretold and the prophecy is written.

Read and run!  For Life is on the march.  And ere Life shall reign triumphant on earth, death itself–death as an entire con­sciousness of an entire generation–must be, will be swallowed up!   -Archangel Uriel:  4-8-1982 at Camelot
4)  And in the space of an hour the entire Cain civilization can come tumbling down.  Therefore you ought to consider unselfishly the union of your heart by the ruby ray with each and every heart of light and the realization that we know whereof we act when we have placed our mark and our purple fiery star on the Inner Retreat.      -Saint Germain:  2-20-1982 at Camelot
5)  The ascended masters tell us that Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, was one of the laggards from Maldek who incarnated on Earth.  Cain though born of the seed of Adam was conceived through the uniting of Eve’s consciousness with that of Serpent, the Liar who told her that she would not truly die if she ate from the tree in the Garden.   -Messenger ECP, see

6)  A laggard is one who takes the light of the threefold flame and inverts it to the perpetuation of matter rather than exalt it and thereby exalt the Son of God within himself.  It is the utter denial of the living Christ no matter what that Christ is called, no matter what the religion.  It is not so much a problem of Christian and Jew; it is a problem of the individuals in every race and nation and religion who turn their back upon the initiation of the Son of God and desire the light without the sacrifice.  And these are they who prefer to perpetuate this Cain civilization and this darkness.    -Jesus the Christ:  4-3-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles

7)   Well, if you are not “able” then you must be Cain!  And you see Cain killed Abel.  It is the Cain-consciousness that kills the sense of ability within you!  And to be carnally minded is death.  You cannot be both….Seek the one called Seth, the archetype of Christ.      -Messenger ECP,  see

8) The time of the fall of Babylon is very near at hand and the cycle is nigh completion….You see, precious ones, the voice of God speaks in the dimness of mortal consciousness.  Because men’s senses are dull God’s voice does not compete with the glamour or raucous voices of the world.  This is why an outer voice is needed to dissuade man from his present madness until such time as the way can be made plain through spiritual culture and spiritual education    -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:39

9)  Beloved hearts, one must distinguish between that which is spiritual eternally in the heavens and not made with hands and that which is the Babylonian imitation of the fallen ones.  -Elohim Peace and Aloha:  1-3-1982 at Camelot

10)  Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest with the daughter of Babylon.  -Zechariah 2

11) This confrontation, beloved, with the power elite of Babylon, the Chaldeans themselves, is a confron­tation which this reincarnation of the lightbearers must once again face in order to counteract the forces of anti-freedom. -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia: 7-5-1986 at Camelot


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