the visualization of a perfect idea that then becomes a magnet

297.  Can many people get together in unity?  No sooner does the principle of labor bring them together than occasions for discord arise.  It is impossible to explain what unity is if in the heart there is no conception of Great Service.    -M:  Brotherhood 1937


67.  On many occasions our friends have asked us to provide a sign by which they might recognize each other, but such attempts always ended badly because traitors were often the first to make use of the signs.  We therefore rejected these outer distinctions and only in the smallest groups do We permit the sign of our abode.  Thus it is not possible even in this one respect to adopt earthly conventions. The heart can feel beyond all earthly limitations.  Thought about us can be aflame in the depths of the heart.  -Morya:  Supermundane 1, 1938

12.  Our hand will not tire in stretching forth to the heart the saving thread….But we can name many occasions when our messenger became frozen through (the prevailing) heartlessness.    

463.  The solar natures take upon themselves the pressure of the fiery energy and must be responsible for millions of drones.  -M:  Heart 1932
401. Soulless repetition destroys the Teaching. Also the quality of rhythm must be understood….Not blows of a fist nor threats but light-winged ascent carries one to the gates (of advancement). Beware of soulless routine! -M: Agni Yoga 1929

The cause of man’s little faith lies in the fact that his senses are dulled by the drone of the appearance world….He does not realize that the greatest crisis of his consciousness is the spiritual impoverishment of his soul….

 (Elohim Heros–or Old Man of the Hills–once stated:)   “One of the greatest gifts of identity which the conscious mind little dreams of is this latent ability to realize the Image of the eye.  This science of the immaculate concept is practiced by every angel in heaven.  It is that law that is written in the inward parts of man known by his heart of hearts yet dim in the memory of his outer mind.  It is based on the visualization of a perfect idea that then becomes a magnet that attracts the creative energies of the Holy Spirit to his being to fulfill the pattern held in man.

“Having seen what he is in Spirit and what is the potential of his soul, man must retain that Image of reality in his thoughts and feelings, for the Image is a natural repellent to all that opposes his reality in manifestation.  This he does through the real eye of his soul–his inner eye that knows as it sees and sees as it knows….

“The science of the immaculate concept then is the knowledge of how to use pure ideas to transform the world of the microcosm into a macrocosmic wonder–As Above in God, so below in man.”  -Messengers M and E Prophet, see


Perversions of the divine art destroyed the real Image in man; and the pure ideas and noble forms necessary to his practice of real-eye magic were replaced by fractionalized concepts, jagged forms, upside-down images. -Messengers M and E Prophet, see
2-10-2013 A Russian military team from its air and space division had secretly entered Iran days after a strategic agreement between the two countries in 2007 and was stationed at Revolutionary Guard bases to help the Guards with its weapons program and access to modern U.S. technology.
After studying the stealth drone’s travel routes and its surveillance of Iran’s skies, the Russians successfully hacked into the system of one of the RQ170s and forced it to land in Iran Dec. 4, 2011. With this collaboration, all the information of the stealth drone is now in the hands of the Russians, and much has been given to Iran’s Defense Ministry….

After the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s and the formation of the new republics, oil reserves in the Caspian Sea became an issue among the neighboring countries, resulting in disputes with Iran which claimed half of the reserves.
Russia worried about the impact of the increased importance of this new market and the possible decrease in value of its Siberian oil fields, where over 40 percent of its income is based on its export of gas and oil. Vladimir Putin made a special trip to Iran in 2007 over the issue.

Because the Caspian-Caucasus region could play a significant role in the world economy and world policy, Putin in his meeting with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was able to significantly expand Russia’s collaboration with the Islamic regime. He also got an agreement on the division of Caspian oil reserves and a bigger Russian role in transporting the oil out of that area.

The 10-year agreement called for the expansion of commerce between the two countries of up to $200 billion and military and secret projects totaling $350 billion. It was the first time a Kremlin chief visited Iran since Josef Stalin’s trip in 1943.

Russian collaboration extends to the regime’s missile, nuclear and even bio-weapons programs. Sources in the Islamic regime previously have revealed exclusively to WND the existence of secret bio-weapons site in Iran, where, with the help of Russia, Iran has mastered production of eight microbial agents, arming its missiles with biological warheads, and a nuclear site at which, with Russian help, laser technology is enriching uranium.


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