the Soviets and the conspirators from the West who support them

Therefore let neither prophet nor representative of the people nor ministers or pastors or rabbis nor those who lead a nation in any way consider that these Chaldeans, now reincarnate as the Soviets and the conspirators from the West who support them, will change their tune or their designs.  Remember that they have been around this planet for aeons and they have been warring against others of other bands of fallen angels in their rivalry to attain supremacy.  And in these wars of the gods take heed, beloved, that you are not caught in the crossfire….

And let those who have light and are the Christed ones realize this hour how you are beloved of Elohim, how you are beloved of the I AM THAT I AM, how you are beloved of Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain, and how one individual who knows his Christhood is more valuable in the earth in this hour than any other individual of any other capacity….Thus qualify yourselves in the order of the builders and the masterbuilders who have come as a unique mandala of light.  Understand the qualification of the heart and the spirit of noncondemnation and the spirit of God-harmony….

This (Presence of Elohim) will surely come in answer to your call and to your devotion to the will of God and to your hearkening unto the inner voice.  Therefore it will come to those who earn it, who pursue it and who claim it by the right of the Holy Christ Self. [16-sec. applause]  Now I offer my Presence and that of beloved Virginia, the virgin all-seeing Eye of God in the heart of the immaculate concept of Omega.  -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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