Faith will open the inner eyes wide with wonder

142 . I will grant you power to see and hear. The first essentials are purity of air and clarity of spirit.    –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

II, x, 7.  He labored alone, suffering from too great contradictions of his own spirit.  Along with an unusual clarity and simplicity of spiritual cognition he was endowed with an unusual complexity of the whole being.  In himself Origen atoned for the tempest of the early days of Christianity.   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

80.  It is necessary to understand clarity of thinking and to apply it to the future–thus is it possible to avoid roughness of form in actions. One should not ape others.  Precious is each grain of decisiveness.   -M:  Community 1926


IMG_8516IMG_8517IMG_8520IMG_8521 Faith is the bridge which the consciousness must build before it can traverse the abyss that separates the finite from the Infinite. Once crossed the bridge is no longer necessary and the arduous journey is forgotten in the joy of discovery and in the welcome of reality. Therefore it is essential to give faith a chance even if at first your motive be selfish. You need to open the door. You need to build the bridge. You need to believe, even if momentarily, in order that you may become filled with grace and with the great cosmic potential of Life that you really are. -Archangel Michael through Messenger M or E C Prophet


It is the easy way to program one’s own being in remote control, to exit the temple while the body repeats the holy prayers–no longer holy because not endowed with the fervor of holiness. Blessed hearts, do not become weary in striving….
Automation is a way of life upon earth. It is enhanced by synthetically created rays and vibrations, many of them directed by malevolent forces….
The deathless solar body counts for more than all of the mechanization and the advanced scientific discovery, yet these (scientific advances) too may become, and in some must become, the instrument for sainthood and even for the path of self-mastery. -Morya: 3-1-1981 at Camelot, see>…………………………………………………….

I AM Gabriel. I AM the friend of God. I do not compromise my friendship with Him for friendship with those who have betrayed Him. There is a cosmic honor flame. Live by it! Serve it! And know what it means to have access to the courts of heaven. Know what it means to speak the name of Gabriel and to have Gabriel at your side. Consider the price: the cosmic honor flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the flame of the ascension. All who have not the flame, I say of them, they shall not pass into the circle of our oneness, into the Guru/chela relationship. They shall not cross over the line of the circle of our wholeness. Therefore search the soul!
The lily symbolizes the chalice of the soul awaiting the resurgence of the divine light reaching out the mouth of its longing toward the universe that it might receive the boon of cosmic grace and extend it outward in all of its activities–an external offering from an internal source, an internal creativity, an internal imagining, an imagining born from the mind of God by divine wings and divine winds upon a mystic sea. While billowing sails convey this precious cargo to the mind, the tradewinds of exchange are also present, and men understand that they will trade their temporal state for infinite power, that they will trade their vision of human love for divine love and see the stepping stones on the way.
I AM the angel of the annunciation. Therefore I announce to you your virgin birth in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin! I announce to you that you are the seed of Alpha, that you have been sired by Almighty God, that you have been nourished by the fires of the heart of Omega and that you have been set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign which is the sign of the Logos and which shall be spoken against. You have been sent into this world–although you are not of this world–as instruments of the Lord’s judgment even as you come to balance the scales of your uses and misuses of God’s energy. -Archangel Gabriel via Messenger M or E C Prophet
I come with a remark out of the magnificent Presence of Lord Gautama who has suffused his love through light of Wesak that all the world is truly bathed in the rose of light of a Buddha’s heart, in the Rose of Shamballa now becoming a part of America, North America–in the heart of the Inner Retreat and those who meet there for the anchoring of the five secret rays of Cosmos….
Therefore for the implementation of buddhic love and buddhic light, the universality of Christus, we of the ascended hosts converge at the altar of your heart. And the fire burning there will increase if you allow it, if you will not doubt it, if you will fear not to surrender unto the greater love of thy life. -Rose of Light: 5-24-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see
For you see the song, the ancient song of the Bodhisattva of Mercy is the sounding of a light ray that says: you cannot balance your karma with certain lifestreams until you have the attainment of the light to extend to them that grace, that love of Life of which you have deprived them in other centuries and millennia….
We would that the harmony of Life within your being might quiver as a mighty bow of light, and that bow of light as a quivering sound of the cooing of the doves might woo to your heart and to your home this or that lifestream for the paying of the debt, for the rendering unto wholeness, for the extension of a miracle of your own causal body and Electronic Presence that will come upon that one, even as it came upon the one who was called “the second mother”–the one in line to become the mother if she would but conquer the consciousness of the Great Whore. -Kuan Yin: 10-8-1981 at Camelot, see p. 455 of


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