the exercise of tolerance does not forego for any man his right to attempt the correction

  We are concerned therefore with dispelling confusion by our light drawn from the councils Eastern and Western of the Great White Brotherhood and with giving forth those spiritual instructions that will create a clarity of vision for all….

  Peace is best preserved by adhering to the principles of freedom, for freedom is also tolerant of the thoughts and ideals of others even when those thoughts and ideals are based on an incomplete understanding of the Laws of God.  But the exercise of tolerance does not forego for any man his right to attempt–not by argument but by an objective presentation of fact–the correction of his brother’s errors….

  It is easy, precious ones of the light, to criticize but it is even easier to hold the principle of the abundant life in your consciousness….Hold on then with the very teeth of your being to the principle of the abundant life.  -Maitreya:  Pearl 12:43, see


  And one day I sat, my head in my hand deep in thought, and Lord Gautama said to me, “What are you thinking, my Son?”  And I said, “My Father, can we win them with kindness and with love?  Will they respond to love?”  And my Father said to me, “If you hold within your heart, my Son, the full orchestration of love, 144000 tones of love, if you yourself will come to know love, then yes, you will win them with love.”                -Maitreya:  11-21-1976, see


I commend you to the heart of every good fellow who does stand in this hour determined to push back the tyranny of manipulation of the abundant life, of the money system and of gold itself….And yet this government and this economy has been seized by tyrants who think nothing of setting aside the law that they may pursue their own selfish aims. And thus there has arisen a grave inequality among people and shortages of goods and products that ought to be in abundance unto all. And the people therefore enjoy not the fullness of the riches of the abundant life on earth because of the hoarding of that very supply, the hoarding of the wheat and the oil–the hoarding then of life itself and the denying of that very life to those who would press through into the physical octave to stand with you as the deliverers of an age. -Saint Germain: 7-4-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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