many would cast aside the water of life because the tin cup in which it is conveyed does not flatter their egos

Your freedom, precious ones, must be won upon Earth where your freedom was lost.  You cannot expect to carry into the higher octaves of light either soiled garments or the consciousness of imperfection, but you must resolve your crises here in this octave that by the power of your example you may inspire others who are caught in the web of delusion and intellectual brittleness to extricate themselves therefrom and to see the pathway of light and its mighty upward spiral as a manifest token of the constancy of heaven….

1)  We await the day when the men and the women and the children of Earth will have stamped upon their faces and countenances that great cosmic nobility that I see before me as I address the vast assemblages upon the Violet Planet.  Here is a sea of faces, countenaces raidating the glory of heaven.  These are the children of God who use the violet fire and bathe in it daily as you do water.  As you wash your face each day to remove the grime and soil of the accumulated passing, so I tell you, blessed ones, so these upon our planet reach up to the violet fire and invoke it from the heart of God and they wash their consciousness and their being with that violet fire, with the mercy of God which endureth forever.  Yes, mankind, some of you may feel that I am speaking in simile or metaphor.  O I tell you, I am speaking literally.  I mean literally we wash and bathe in the violet fire, for the violet fire here is a tangible fountain, a wellspring of joy and peace.  -Omri-Tas:  7-1-1961 via Messenger Mark Prophet
2)  Some may ask then, “What method shall we use in order to free ourselves from unwanted conditions or to call forth new direction from the realm of Being?”  My answer here must remain simple:  ask, and ye shall receive.  The power released through simply asking your God-Self for grace to achieve all ends must not be diminshed through any other form of ritual or supplication.
    The use of your energy in well-formulated decrees when properly given forth with the heart’s devotion and with a sense of the magnitude of divine grace is magnificent in the power to accomplish.  The ancient words “Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee”  must be understood as a fiat from Almighty God.  When individuals assemble together with others or when they commune in solitude with their Divine Presence and give the spoken request according to the great law for the release of the required immortal substance into the world of form then that precious substance in its outflow as tanglible light rays will draw to them the requirements of every hour.  For they are making the most powerful demands upon Life that can ever be made.  -Divine Director:  “Mechanization Concept–Error” in 1965 Pearls of Wisdom
3)   For many, unlearning is more vital than learning.  The science of the soul can be mastered by the soul without any effort save sweet surrender, yet the education of the heart will school the whole man in the understanding of amazing dimensions….

  Ever in the dim as well as in the near past have we thought upon the escape from the contemporary net, from the hypnotic trap of the manipulators through the freshness of sound vision….Men must ask of God’s grace to discern the higher will as the bright threads of hope, implemented by practical action and endowing the heart with the leap of boundlessness….May they do so diligently that the Great Magnet will be successful in drawing the flame within the heart into magnificent attunement, raising the whole body of mankind’s consciousness into the blessed light of the holy will!     -Morya:  Pearl 12:11

4)  Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men and to show forth as never before the inner esoteric processes whereby the living Christ is unfolded within each and every man.  It is to the Spirit of resurrection that we dedicate ourselves….It shall invoke the honest facing of truth by the individual soul.  He must unfold because he sees, and he must see because he unfolds.      –Serapis Bey:  Pearl 12:15

5)  The forces who aspire to world takeover know that they must first destroy the values of freedom.  Thus they seek to permeate the arts, commerce, government, industry and society as a whole with a crass materialism that, as many men have crudely said, is a dog-eat-dog philosophy.

  The church as a rallying-point no longer exists, therefore we must through our sacred orders enlighten mankind as to how the presently existing compromises were enjoined.  The forces of darkness would give the impression that they are in league with the forces of light; otherwise they could not promote the evil molds that they employ in their attempts to destroy the glorious image of God…..

  I come not so much to chastise as to alert, for you are the avant-garde and the elect of this age upon whom we depend for the perpetuation of the flame of freedom….

  In the name of license and in a high din of confusion they (dark ones) would motivate men selfishly while proclaiming that they seek justice for the world….

  The only solution we can offer at this time is the invoking of divine power that will ultimately strengthen the minds and unity of the people.  For the time must come when they shall overthrow the yoke and tyranny of their overlords who even now are planning the dethroning of the Constitution and the order that heaven has sought to extend as a banner of hope over the land and all lands.           –Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:18

 6)  Man presupposes, in his limited frame of reference, that the programming that makes for perfect manifestation is inherent within substance itself.  Little do men dream–that is, men who are wedded to material science–of the vast network of higher intelligences who function in magnificent consonance behind the screen of nature. …

  It was the Universal Presence that said “Be still and know that I AM God.”…For when the universal perfection of God is served as heaven designed it each person is found to be the indispensable manifestation that has locked within its cellular identity the mystery of the cosmic Circle of Life….

  Modern man and modern mystic as they once again draw nigh unto God will find the power of God drawing nigh unto them, for the Holy Spirit will regenerate within them that unity which will enable them to feel and to be the harmonizing power of the natural order of all things.    –Amaryllis:  Pearl 12:19

7)  The power of the soul to compress and to expand the consciousness of time is the means whereby the divine outreach is served in teaching the inner man to know what is right and what is wrong….Each day, each hour God is validating and reaffirming the implantation of His seed within the garden of your heart.   –Kuan Yin:  Pearl 12:20

8)  Let men learn to do well and let them not accept the stimulus of a wounded ego as the motive or excuse for creating chaos and destruction.  Truly there are those who would destroy the Earth because they are contemptuous of life itself, and they resent the blows that have been dealt them.  They do not understand the balance of cosmic Law that clearly sayeth “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”…

  We await the era of the builders, of those who strive to build up their own and others’ characters, of those who honor God and country, who understand the meaning of forging links of spiritual strength, who perceive the way of blessing rather than spoiling.        –Casimir Poseidon:  Pearl 12:21  

 9) There are many in the religious world who would cast aside the water of life because the tin cup in which it is conveyed does not flatter their egos.  Others see the water of life and the chalice of its conveyance as a holy grail….For whether you will or no, the onrush of the age will inundate the passions of all souls….

  The mysteries of God are immense, and those who are prone to condemn quickly the “false allegiance” of men to the Spirit whose vision exceeds their own should reexamine their own hearts according to the divine idea….Awake before it is too late, O humanity!  And let all unite in doing their lot….Fervently, I AM    Meru, Lake Titicaca:  Pearl 12:22   

10)  Consider the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that you might be guaranteed defense against a government gone mad and an army of automatons following [their madness].  Recognize, beloved, that those students had not advanced in their astuteness to realize that it is the entire Bill of Rights and the entire Constitution that does guarantee and safeguard the independence of every individual citizen.    -Elohim Heros and Amora:  7-6-1989 at RTR, Montana

11)  I call to the mandala of lightbearers to be magnetized by the magnet of love that is now placed by Heros and Amora in this Community as a forcefield of divine love. This magnet of love is so great, beloved, that those who allow themselves to become out of alignment with it will not long remain here, for they will not be able to bear to be in the presence of that magnet while they entertain the perversions of the ruby cross in their beings.  -Rose of Light:  6-29-1990 at RTR, Montana  

12)  So, beloved, know that many hear the Word, many rally, perhaps through fear, perhaps through love.  And at first they come again to the services and they come again and again.  And then they come less frequently and less frequently and with less ardor, less intensity….So then, beloved, understand the equation.  When the people of Earth and the leadership of this nation do not have the vision, as they have not in the past for they are surfeited in their sensuality and in the pride of their intellects, it is the people of God who must rally to save the nation and the planet.

  The state of the economy is equally urgent.  We are concerned with world government, the world economy and the portents of world war.  Then there are the diseases of the spirit.  Then there is the disease of the soul.  Then there is the disease carried by the leadership of the nations almost across the board.

  Where shall we go to find those who have that crown chakra opened, that fire of the Divine Mother ascending?  Where shall we go to find those who will remember what we have said but a week or a month or a year ago?  Look upon these things, blessed ones, for you of all people have the gift of clarity of perception, and at any time you choose you can invoke the power of Cyclopea.  -Omri-Tas:  10-7-1994 at RTR, Montana   

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