perfectionment of the virtue of the soul; rod of power

  Therefore affirm the unreality of sin, disease and death even while you invoke the violet flame….Thus molecules of light are stripped of false belief and systems of error by this ritual of transmutation.  And healing is complete and the inner man is made whole.                         Do you understand that this is the science of the immaculate concept whereby you behold the true geometry of Life–and that Life beholding itself in you is the quickening power of the true scientist of Christ?  And that in that quickening power you invoke the Holy Spirit and the cause, effect, record and memory of illusion must also submit?   -Lanto:  11-13-1977 via Messenger ECP at San Francisco


  For salvation is not of flesh and blood nor is it of the perfectionment of this human temple but the perfectionment of the virtue of the soul….For, beloved ones, the only permanent healing that will ever come by any means must come from the whitefire core of being of the one who holds the Alpha polarity–the one who places himself in the position of the Lord Christ–and the one who then is the recipient holding the Omega polarity.  -Jesus the Christ:  8-6-1978 at Camelot, see

  Yet only in the edenic state where the will of God is honored and communion with Him sought as the ultrachoice of man can the complete restoration of perfection be achieved.                                                                                                                                           Those who sidestep the true and only path of attainment learn by devious methods and the misuse of the chakras to create vortices of darkness on the astral as well as the physical plane; thus they establish hypnotic forcefields of control whereby they exert an unwholesome influence over embodied and disembodied souls.  Unwiling to surrender their human will and thereby receive the reward of the faithful–conscious dominion over the earth–these practioners of the black arts usurp the authority of the Godhead and plunge headlong into the pits of astral delusion.   -Hilarion:  Pearl 14:37, see


  But if the energy given by us in instruction is not used for some constructive purpose, and we were to release more, the lifestream would eventually die of spiritual surfeit    -Morya:  1-23-1954 at Havana via Messenger Geraldine Innocente

  The instrument of the Masters through which pours forth the vibrations of harmony, peace and balance in a locality should be more carefully guarded and protected than the delicate and exquisite Stradivarius….                                                                                         When there are selfless souls who are obedient harmonious channels for the gods and approach each service and meeting in a most sacred and holy reverence we have instruments over which such melodies of light and cosmic consciousness can be poured that transform the instrument itself as well as the locality in which such a sacred focus is located.   -Morya:  “instruments of Light” via G. Innocente


            …and recognize that the serpent and the fallen one who has entered into the misuse of the lower chakras of the Mother by the manipulation of the life-force and the manipulation of government and the economy must be dealt with by the rod of power….
And therefore it is my joy to deliver to you by the hand of your own Christ Self from the Lords of Karma that forcefield of energy which shall be unto you the rod of iron.
Beloved ones, let me explain that this transfer to you, to each and everyone, can only be according to that which you yourself have first raised up….Beloved ones, understand then that you have a relationship to the Great Central Sun proportionate to that sun which is now manifest in your heart chalice….Well, beloved ones, understand then that this is why we need the instrument, for our energies must be arced into the negative polarity, into the matter universe, and the intensity of energies required to hold the balance for the Earth are so great that if we were to arc these energies to those of you who have not sufficient developmnent of the heart chakra, it would annihilate your very form….
To be a bodhisattva, to keep the flame, is indeed open. But some of you must retrace many steps. -Lady Venus: 4-23-1978 at NYC, see


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