For this is the grand adventure–this is the architecture of Almighty God

1)  For this is the grand adventure–this is the architecture of Almighty God through the hand of Hierarchy….For our hopes for you are strong and they live all day long and they live forever.  -Saint Germain:  4-13-1968 at Colorado Springs, see


2)  The architecture of the gothic cathedrals was inspired by the inner geometry of the secret chamber of the heart where you commune with God and your Holy Christ Self.  -Messenger ECP:  Becoming God, 2010, see


3)  Your heart must be the vessel to serve the elixir, the special preparation. Your mind must perceive the wholeness and hold the matrix until the one who suffers can fill it in with your assistance.                                                                                                      Beloved ones, this will never be a psychic manifestation.  This must never be based upon psychicism or hypnotic spells or those things that come from the lower planes.  It is the reading, I tell you, of the etheric blueprint of the soul from the hour of its conception in the Great Central Sun.  It is the reading of perfection and the meditation of perfection.  This is the key to healing….                        The ascending path is the way and the exercise of letting go and being free.  You must still the mind once a day and disassociate yourself from everything and everyone of your environment–even for ten minutes of meditation in absolute concentration on the light of the One, using your favorite mantra of light, consciously letting go of this circumstance and all previous lives and tasting the existence that you already enjoy in higher octaves.  Therefore healing is but the descending light of what you already are….

  And others who have received the restoration from their going forth away from the temple are also gathering.  For they, as you know, have received the lamp of mercy burning, the lamp that is carried everywhere on Earth by beloved Kuan Yin–Kuan Yin, the eternal White Goddess who walks across the earth offering the lamp of forgiveness….
    I AM Sanat Kumara.  I appear in all faces and climes and cities.  I speak through the unexpected voice.  I teach through one who is not a teacher.  I sing through one who has never sung.  I deliver the art to the soul who has rung the mighty crystal bell that signifies:   “Lord, I AM ready.  Lord, I must have Thee.  Let the crystal bell ring in heaven and let the angels come!  For now in this hour, Sanat Kumara, I AM thy servant.  As below–as I am worthy, as I commit–so as Above be Thou to me, and more, as I am to Thee.  And let me be, O Sanat Kumara, Thy reward for all Thou hast done for Earth.  Sanat Kumara, I AM Thy witness.  I AM Thy Mother-light in earth.  I AM Thyself.”       -Sanat Kumara:  10-14-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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