energies that shall be for the quickening and the culmination of the age; thus watch as Nature responds


  Thus by the circle of infinity that I draw I include all mankind in my love.  And I shall personally support all who are striving to be free with the undergirding of my own causal body, my own momentum of the sacred fire.  Truly you live in an hour when all of heaven has conspired to set you free, when all of heaven is reaching out for your victory.

  I bow before the light of God, before the Four and Twenty Elders and before your own Christ consciousness, and I seal you in the light of the God-Star.  Earth has received this night the impression of the solar radiance of mighty beings who have not allowed their energies to be a part of this world for many thousands of years.  And they have moved into the planes of matter energies that shall be for the quickening and the culmination of the age; thus watch as Nature responds to the adjustment of her cycles into the harmony of cosmos.  Watch and pray, watch and pray, watch and pray.  For everyone who yet has the breath of life in form there is time.    There is time to repent, there is time to withdraw energy from spirals of rebellion.  There is time to become centered in God, but that time is as precious as gold, as jewels.  Time must be honored as sacred–sacred opportunity for life, for immortality.   -Surya:  4-14-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


Faith will open the inner eyes wide with wonder

142 . I will grant you power to see and hear. The first essentials are purity of air and clarity of spirit.    –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

II, x, 7.  He labored alone, suffering from too great contradictions of his own spirit.  Along with an unusual clarity and simplicity of spiritual cognition he was endowed with an unusual complexity of the whole being.  In himself Origen atoned for the tempest of the early days of Christianity.   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

80.  It is necessary to understand clarity of thinking and to apply it to the future–thus is it possible to avoid roughness of form in actions. One should not ape others.  Precious is each grain of decisiveness.   -M:  Community 1926


IMG_8516IMG_8517IMG_8520IMG_8521 Faith is the bridge which the consciousness must build before it can traverse the abyss that separates the finite from the Infinite. Once crossed the bridge is no longer necessary and the arduous journey is forgotten in the joy of discovery and in the welcome of reality. Therefore it is essential to give faith a chance even if at first your motive be selfish. You need to open the door. You need to build the bridge. You need to believe, even if momentarily, in order that you may become filled with grace and with the great cosmic potential of Life that you really are. -Archangel Michael through Messenger M or E C Prophet


It is the easy way to program one’s own being in remote control, to exit the temple while the body repeats the holy prayers–no longer holy because not endowed with the fervor of holiness. Blessed hearts, do not become weary in striving….
Automation is a way of life upon earth. It is enhanced by synthetically created rays and vibrations, many of them directed by malevolent forces….
The deathless solar body counts for more than all of the mechanization and the advanced scientific discovery, yet these (scientific advances) too may become, and in some must become, the instrument for sainthood and even for the path of self-mastery. -Morya: 3-1-1981 at Camelot, see http://books.google.com/books?id=wDslGZDujoIC&pg=PA579&dq=clare+prophet+advanced+scientificdiscovery&hl=en&sa=X&ei=X7lyU8OjN8iHyASPrYDgDQ&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20advanced%20scientificdiscovery&f=false>…………………………………………………….

I AM Gabriel. I AM the friend of God. I do not compromise my friendship with Him for friendship with those who have betrayed Him. There is a cosmic honor flame. Live by it! Serve it! And know what it means to have access to the courts of heaven. Know what it means to speak the name of Gabriel and to have Gabriel at your side. Consider the price: the cosmic honor flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the flame of the ascension. All who have not the flame, I say of them, they shall not pass into the circle of our oneness, into the Guru/chela relationship. They shall not cross over the line of the circle of our wholeness. Therefore search the soul!
The lily symbolizes the chalice of the soul awaiting the resurgence of the divine light reaching out the mouth of its longing toward the universe that it might receive the boon of cosmic grace and extend it outward in all of its activities–an external offering from an internal source, an internal creativity, an internal imagining, an imagining born from the mind of God by divine wings and divine winds upon a mystic sea. While billowing sails convey this precious cargo to the mind, the tradewinds of exchange are also present, and men understand that they will trade their temporal state for infinite power, that they will trade their vision of human love for divine love and see the stepping stones on the way.
I AM the angel of the annunciation. Therefore I announce to you your virgin birth in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin! I announce to you that you are the seed of Alpha, that you have been sired by Almighty God, that you have been nourished by the fires of the heart of Omega and that you have been set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign which is the sign of the Logos and which shall be spoken against. You have been sent into this world–although you are not of this world–as instruments of the Lord’s judgment even as you come to balance the scales of your uses and misuses of God’s energy. -Archangel Gabriel via Messenger M or E C Prophet
I come with a remark out of the magnificent Presence of Lord Gautama who has suffused his love through light of Wesak that all the world is truly bathed in the rose of light of a Buddha’s heart, in the Rose of Shamballa now becoming a part of America, North America–in the heart of the Inner Retreat and those who meet there for the anchoring of the five secret rays of Cosmos….
Therefore for the implementation of buddhic love and buddhic light, the universality of Christus, we of the ascended hosts converge at the altar of your heart. And the fire burning there will increase if you allow it, if you will not doubt it, if you will fear not to surrender unto the greater love of thy life. -Rose of Light: 5-24-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see http://books.google.com/books?id=wDslGZDujoIC&pg=PA648&dq=clare+prophet+christus+converge&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mbhyU43UMZeyyASm64DICg&ved=0CD0Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20christus%20converge&f=false
For you see the song, the ancient song of the Bodhisattva of Mercy is the sounding of a light ray that says: you cannot balance your karma with certain lifestreams until you have the attainment of the light to extend to them that grace, that love of Life of which you have deprived them in other centuries and millennia….
We would that the harmony of Life within your being might quiver as a mighty bow of light, and that bow of light as a quivering sound of the cooing of the doves might woo to your heart and to your home this or that lifestream for the paying of the debt, for the rendering unto wholeness, for the extension of a miracle of your own causal body and Electronic Presence that will come upon that one, even as it came upon the one who was called “the second mother”–the one in line to become the mother if she would but conquer the consciousness of the Great Whore. -Kuan Yin: 10-8-1981 at Camelot, see p. 455 of http://books.google.com/books?id=wDslGZDujoIC&pg=PA804&dq=clare+prophet+bow+kuan+yin&hl=en&sa=X&ei=A7dyU8DrEM6woQShqYHgDQ&ved=0CFEQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20bow%20kuan%20yin&f=false

the exercise of tolerance does not forego for any man his right to attempt the correction

  We are concerned therefore with dispelling confusion by our light drawn from the councils Eastern and Western of the Great White Brotherhood and with giving forth those spiritual instructions that will create a clarity of vision for all….

  Peace is best preserved by adhering to the principles of freedom, for freedom is also tolerant of the thoughts and ideals of others even when those thoughts and ideals are based on an incomplete understanding of the Laws of God.  But the exercise of tolerance does not forego for any man his right to attempt–not by argument but by an objective presentation of fact–the correction of his brother’s errors….

  It is easy, precious ones of the light, to criticize but it is even easier to hold the principle of the abundant life in your consciousness….Hold on then with the very teeth of your being to the principle of the abundant life.  -Maitreya:  Pearl 12:43, see  http://books.google.com/books?id=9ZX2W31NULsC&pg=PA187&dq=clare+prophet+dispelling+confusion&hl=en&sa=X&ei=CU1xU9e4FIv-oQTrmoCoBw&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20dispelling%20confusion&f=false


  And one day I sat, my head in my hand deep in thought, and Lord Gautama said to me, “What are you thinking, my Son?”  And I said, “My Father, can we win them with kindness and with love?  Will they respond to love?”  And my Father said to me, “If you hold within your heart, my Son, the full orchestration of love, 144000 tones of love, if you yourself will come to know love, then yes, you will win them with love.”                -Maitreya:  11-21-1976, see http://books.google.com/books?id=zk3bGD4h7UEC&pg=RA2-PA38&dq=clare+prophet+144000+tones&hl=en&sa=X&ei=zU9xU7ujCM3voAT2qIGYCg&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20144000%20tones&f=false


I commend you to the heart of every good fellow who does stand in this hour determined to push back the tyranny of manipulation of the abundant life, of the money system and of gold itself….And yet this government and this economy has been seized by tyrants who think nothing of setting aside the law that they may pursue their own selfish aims. And thus there has arisen a grave inequality among people and shortages of goods and products that ought to be in abundance unto all. And the people therefore enjoy not the fullness of the riches of the abundant life on earth because of the hoarding of that very supply, the hoarding of the wheat and the oil–the hoarding then of life itself and the denying of that very life to those who would press through into the physical octave to stand with you as the deliverers of an age. -Saint Germain: 7-4-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

Stand with me, beloved hearts, and with Hierarchy as we take you safely through the labyrinth of life

  Again and again we must examine these eternal truths in order that the clean, crisp concepts of heaven may refute the long-entrenched theological speculations, arguments and dogmas that have bound men for centuries to misty concepts.  These have paved the way for the psychic activities of the world to invade all walks of life….

  Now we come to the place where the hidden man of the heart shall be revealed, where the pathway of the disciple with his craggy mane is seen etched upon the pages of the future, where each one can envision his own attainment as he pursues the divine discipline, cutting himself free from the rough-hewn state into the finished and highly polished stone made without hands (eternal in the heavens)….Stand with me, beloved hearts, and with Hierarchy as we take you safely through the labyrinth of life, for the light of God never fails     -Elohim Astrea:  Keepers of the Flame Lesson #24


  When individuals begin to seek their ascension and they begin the process of externalizing divine grace in sufficient quantity to assist them to that end there is always a very definite action of shadow and darkness that converges upon the forcefield of their identities and seeks to thwart the plan that they have begin to conceive.  We call this process the testing of the mettle….

  The best materials must be used in order for individuals to weld those energies of mind and heart that will cause their consciousness to become wholly unified.   -Serapis Bey:  7-3-1967, see http://books.google.com/books?id=8qRe0W40-o0C&pg=PA117&dq=clare+prophet+divine+discipline&hl=en&sa=X&ei=NcVuU_aoFYbboAS7i4CQCg&ved=0CFEQ6AEwBDgK#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20divine%20discipline&f=false


  We come to extract the splinters by the surgery of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Cosmic Christ and your own Christ Self–surgery to remove the seeds of rebellion and disobedience and disorder and chaos and even the challenging of the LORD God Himself….Let clarity, the crystal clarity of truth come forth.     File:Met, gandhara, standing bodhisattva maitreya, 3rd century ca..JPG-Maitreya:    2-4-1979 via Messenger ECP



many would cast aside the water of life because the tin cup in which it is conveyed does not flatter their egos

Your freedom, precious ones, must be won upon Earth where your freedom was lost.  You cannot expect to carry into the higher octaves of light either soiled garments or the consciousness of imperfection, but you must resolve your crises here in this octave that by the power of your example you may inspire others who are caught in the web of delusion and intellectual brittleness to extricate themselves therefrom and to see the pathway of light and its mighty upward spiral as a manifest token of the constancy of heaven….

1)  We await the day when the men and the women and the children of Earth will have stamped upon their faces and countenances that great cosmic nobility that I see before me as I address the vast assemblages upon the Violet Planet.  Here is a sea of faces, countenaces raidating the glory of heaven.  These are the children of God who use the violet fire and bathe in it daily as you do water.  As you wash your face each day to remove the grime and soil of the accumulated passing, so I tell you, blessed ones, so these upon our planet reach up to the violet fire and invoke it from the heart of God and they wash their consciousness and their being with that violet fire, with the mercy of God which endureth forever.  Yes, mankind, some of you may feel that I am speaking in simile or metaphor.  O I tell you, I am speaking literally.  I mean literally we wash and bathe in the violet fire, for the violet fire here is a tangible fountain, a wellspring of joy and peace.  -Omri-Tas:  7-1-1961 via Messenger Mark Prophet
2)  Some may ask then, “What method shall we use in order to free ourselves from unwanted conditions or to call forth new direction from the realm of Being?”  My answer here must remain simple:  ask, and ye shall receive.  The power released through simply asking your God-Self for grace to achieve all ends must not be diminshed through any other form of ritual or supplication.
    The use of your energy in well-formulated decrees when properly given forth with the heart’s devotion and with a sense of the magnitude of divine grace is magnificent in the power to accomplish.  The ancient words “Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee”  must be understood as a fiat from Almighty God.  When individuals assemble together with others or when they commune in solitude with their Divine Presence and give the spoken request according to the great law for the release of the required immortal substance into the world of form then that precious substance in its outflow as tanglible light rays will draw to them the requirements of every hour.  For they are making the most powerful demands upon Life that can ever be made.  -Divine Director:  “Mechanization Concept–Error” in 1965 Pearls of Wisdom
3)   For many, unlearning is more vital than learning.  The science of the soul can be mastered by the soul without any effort save sweet surrender, yet the education of the heart will school the whole man in the understanding of amazing dimensions….

  Ever in the dim as well as in the near past have we thought upon the escape from the contemporary net, from the hypnotic trap of the manipulators through the freshness of sound vision….Men must ask of God’s grace to discern the higher will as the bright threads of hope, implemented by practical action and endowing the heart with the leap of boundlessness….May they do so diligently that the Great Magnet will be successful in drawing the flame within the heart into magnificent attunement, raising the whole body of mankind’s consciousness into the blessed light of the holy will!     -Morya:  Pearl 12:11

4)  Now we begin through the student body and through the principles of illumination to knock the scales from the eyes of men and to show forth as never before the inner esoteric processes whereby the living Christ is unfolded within each and every man.  It is to the Spirit of resurrection that we dedicate ourselves….It shall invoke the honest facing of truth by the individual soul.  He must unfold because he sees, and he must see because he unfolds.      –Serapis Bey:  Pearl 12:15

5)  The forces who aspire to world takeover know that they must first destroy the values of freedom.  Thus they seek to permeate the arts, commerce, government, industry and society as a whole with a crass materialism that, as many men have crudely said, is a dog-eat-dog philosophy.

  The church as a rallying-point no longer exists, therefore we must through our sacred orders enlighten mankind as to how the presently existing compromises were enjoined.  The forces of darkness would give the impression that they are in league with the forces of light; otherwise they could not promote the evil molds that they employ in their attempts to destroy the glorious image of God…..

  I come not so much to chastise as to alert, for you are the avant-garde and the elect of this age upon whom we depend for the perpetuation of the flame of freedom….

  In the name of license and in a high din of confusion they (dark ones) would motivate men selfishly while proclaiming that they seek justice for the world….

  The only solution we can offer at this time is the invoking of divine power that will ultimately strengthen the minds and unity of the people.  For the time must come when they shall overthrow the yoke and tyranny of their overlords who even now are planning the dethroning of the Constitution and the order that heaven has sought to extend as a banner of hope over the land and all lands.           –Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:18

 6)  Man presupposes, in his limited frame of reference, that the programming that makes for perfect manifestation is inherent within substance itself.  Little do men dream–that is, men who are wedded to material science–of the vast network of higher intelligences who function in magnificent consonance behind the screen of nature. …

  It was the Universal Presence that said “Be still and know that I AM God.”…For when the universal perfection of God is served as heaven designed it each person is found to be the indispensable manifestation that has locked within its cellular identity the mystery of the cosmic Circle of Life….

  Modern man and modern mystic as they once again draw nigh unto God will find the power of God drawing nigh unto them, for the Holy Spirit will regenerate within them that unity which will enable them to feel and to be the harmonizing power of the natural order of all things.    –Amaryllis:  Pearl 12:19

7)  The power of the soul to compress and to expand the consciousness of time is the means whereby the divine outreach is served in teaching the inner man to know what is right and what is wrong….Each day, each hour God is validating and reaffirming the implantation of His seed within the garden of your heart.   –Kuan Yin:  Pearl 12:20

8)  Let men learn to do well and let them not accept the stimulus of a wounded ego as the motive or excuse for creating chaos and destruction.  Truly there are those who would destroy the Earth because they are contemptuous of life itself, and they resent the blows that have been dealt them.  They do not understand the balance of cosmic Law that clearly sayeth “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”…

  We await the era of the builders, of those who strive to build up their own and others’ characters, of those who honor God and country, who understand the meaning of forging links of spiritual strength, who perceive the way of blessing rather than spoiling.        –Casimir Poseidon:  Pearl 12:21  

 9) There are many in the religious world who would cast aside the water of life because the tin cup in which it is conveyed does not flatter their egos.  Others see the water of life and the chalice of its conveyance as a holy grail….For whether you will or no, the onrush of the age will inundate the passions of all souls….

  The mysteries of God are immense, and those who are prone to condemn quickly the “false allegiance” of men to the Spirit whose vision exceeds their own should reexamine their own hearts according to the divine idea….Awake before it is too late, O humanity!  And let all unite in doing their lot….Fervently, I AM    Meru, Lake Titicaca:  Pearl 12:22   

10)  Consider the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that you might be guaranteed defense against a government gone mad and an army of automatons following [their madness].  Recognize, beloved, that those students had not advanced in their astuteness to realize that it is the entire Bill of Rights and the entire Constitution that does guarantee and safeguard the independence of every individual citizen.    -Elohim Heros and Amora:  7-6-1989 at RTR, Montana

11)  I call to the mandala of lightbearers to be magnetized by the magnet of love that is now placed by Heros and Amora in this Community as a forcefield of divine love. This magnet of love is so great, beloved, that those who allow themselves to become out of alignment with it will not long remain here, for they will not be able to bear to be in the presence of that magnet while they entertain the perversions of the ruby cross in their beings.  -Rose of Light:  6-29-1990 at RTR, Montana  

12)  So, beloved, know that many hear the Word, many rally, perhaps through fear, perhaps through love.  And at first they come again to the services and they come again and again.  And then they come less frequently and less frequently and with less ardor, less intensity….So then, beloved, understand the equation.  When the people of Earth and the leadership of this nation do not have the vision, as they have not in the past for they are surfeited in their sensuality and in the pride of their intellects, it is the people of God who must rally to save the nation and the planet.

  The state of the economy is equally urgent.  We are concerned with world government, the world economy and the portents of world war.  Then there are the diseases of the spirit.  Then there is the disease of the soul.  Then there is the disease carried by the leadership of the nations almost across the board.

  Where shall we go to find those who have that crown chakra opened, that fire of the Divine Mother ascending?  Where shall we go to find those who will remember what we have said but a week or a month or a year ago?  Look upon these things, blessed ones, for you of all people have the gift of clarity of perception, and at any time you choose you can invoke the power of Cyclopea.  -Omri-Tas:  10-7-1994 at RTR, Montana   

File:Statue of Noah in Yerevan .jpg



let no thing in this world unseat the balance of mind, heart and soul focalized as will to act


-Mount Shasta May morning


  It is justice to precipitate the divine plan in action….there cannot be an equilibrium between your heart and the world consciousness….I extend the magnet of my heart to magnetize equilibrium–therefore let no thing in this world unseat the balance of mind, heart and soul focalized as will to act….

  Do not allow the mounting astral waves of mankind’s returning misqualified energy which is always unjust to deter you from a strong sense of justice that shall prevail because men and women of the light will it so…..Realize that all of the forces of heaven and the legions of light much to the beat of justice….

  Most blessed hearts, the strong sense of identity in God is the rock of justice where you are….Injustice disqualifies the unjust from entering in at the gate of their own Christ consciousness.  They shall not pass over the threshold of their own divine reality unless and until they espouse the garments that I wear….For after all, God is the doer and He is the karma-free being in your midst–free of desire ecept that which is lawful to be justice in action everywhere, worlds without end.  That is your true God-consciousness!  Act upon it!  Do not be intimidated by your own momentums of the past–of yesterday or an hour ago….

  (Ask yourself) “Will I forever be the unknown quantity in the alchemical equation or will I determine to be the x-factor of God’s equation that is multiplied by light and the infinite squaring of the circle?”…Freedom surely as a flame, as a ritual and as the opportunity to decide by Christ-discrimination what shall be and what shall not be in your life is the precursor of the flame of justice….

  The Law of the One states that all must live for the One and One must live for the all….

Clarity is my portion and my sense of justice for every true teacher of the Word.   Image-Portia:  11-29-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see http://books.google.com/books?id=7uysHjvJIXgC&pg=PA358&dq=clare+prophet+justice&hl=en&sa=X&ei=HfxsU_uvPJDroATJ0IDwAQ&ved=0CFEQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20justice&f=false    (above pen & ink & watercolor of Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846, Great Britiain)


Without justice, beloved hearts, freedom cannot prosper

IMG_5272 -Portia by John William Wright, 1846

1)  Without justice, beloved hearts, freedom cannot prosper.  For freedom grows only in the garden of justice….When justice does prevail, when justice is adored, when justice becomes the allegiance of all you will see me as never before in all the Earth.        -Saint Germain:  2-10-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles

2)  There is an innate sense of justice that is inside of us, superior in all of its rights and ramifications to all codes of justice that man through the years has manufactured–sometimes out of great wisdom and then again out of the complexity of word knowledge, a mere assimilation of facts and figures thrown together without rhyme or reason.  Because these codifications of law have been accepted by humankind, precedence is established whether or not justice is served by it.    -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Lost Teachings on Your Higher Self, 1988, p. 160

3)  Well, while we approve of the equality of both men and women of a certainty, we certainly do not approve of that type of thinking, beloved ones, which desires to imitate a quality without understanding the law of balance in that quality so that the perfection of God can manifest there and not some bohemian type of expression which is not the beauty of the Godhead….                                        Mighty plans of the ascended masters are far beyond the comprehension of most people who have but a limited glimpse of history.      -Elohim Amazonia:  12-16-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet

4)  The term beast is used to indicate the collective consciousness of those functioning to the right and to the left of the Christ consciousness in the spectrum of relative good and evil, mouthing the philosophy of the False Prophet through the unenlightened masses (the mass consciousness which opposes the enlightenment of the great multitude)….                                                            And it is the saints who are called in these latter days to defeat these beasts (such as those of World Communism and World Capitalism in the astral organization named “Laggards Against the Light”) by the omnipotence and the omniscience of God embodied by the mighty angel….revealing the balance of reality and equilibrium in the scales of cosmic Justice.  -Sanat Kumara:  “Opening of the Seventh Seal”, #20, 1979

5)  Only by a realization of and a faith in the continuity of life and the justice of life can a soul truly prepare his consciousness to receive immortality.     -Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46

6)  You see, then, the believing in the Word incarnate in every age and not alone in the age of Pisces is the key to the continuity of life.  By that fire, by that heart that is sacrificed, by the essence of the Body and Blood that flows freely as the light of Alpha and Omega there is a reigniting of the flame.  -Lanello:  4-26-1981 at Colorado Springs via Messenger ECP