Life is incomplete without the vision of the goal.

Let serenity on the brow of the Divine Mother be the quality of patience that invokes the all-seeing Eye….Life is incomplete without the vision of the goal….

  Now let the hearing of the ear and the seeing of the eye be the perception of your own immaculate divinity!…Masters ascended and unascended will not take from you the joy and the glory of unlocking that sacred formula of identity.  I hold the chemistry of that formula.  I hold the plan of the components of identity…. It is the beam in the Eye of God.  It is the lifeline!  It is hurled to souls desiring to be saved from the downward spiral of the energies of the bottomless pit of astral desire.

  Know then that by this matrix placed at the etheric level you have the nearness of that momentum of the Eye that is upon the sparrow, the Eye that is upon every elemental and every electron, on every movement and pulsation of energy, transformation and transmutation throughout all galaxies in every plane of God-Self-awareness….

  Know then that that beam of light, that beacon that comes forth by God seeing perfection of all creation is a lifeline that you may call forth, that you may use, that you may seize and follow to the center of life!  And thereby when you have hold of that lightbeam of the Eye of God no force, no magnetism, no pull of death, decay and disintegration can tear you from the path of initiation. Follow the spiral of the beam of light back to the vision and you will find within that Eye, standing there, the Cosmic Virgin…..This also is the flow between twinflames as you reinforce the immaculate image of one another’s God-identity. This is the flow of soulmates and of those who walk the path hand in hand….

  Try the mantra of Cyclopea!  Let it be the alchemy that magnetizes by a vortex of emerald fire all energies of being into the Cube of cosmic destiny!  The sacred formula of alchemy:  Theos=God; Rule=Law; You=Being.  Theos plus Rule plus You equals God’s Law active as principle within your Being (T-R-Y).  You are the keystone in the arch of the sacred aum!…Be then the focus of Truth, and by letting the beacon of the all-seeing Eye go forth into the night you clear a path–yea, carve a path–a light-ray whereby souls will find the path of initiation and the entering into the true cosmic purpose of identity….

  Watch that ye enter not into temptation.  Watch for the initiations of the all-seeing Eye….Guard the vision and thereby guard the victory!  Watch; and let no man, no woman take the crown, the capstone of life.  I AM Cyclopea!Image 7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta, see!&hl=en&sa=X&ei=bcpeU5yCEsunyATu9IDIDA&ved=0CFIQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20i%20am%20cyclopea!&f=false


  All that is precipitated in Mater must flow through this nexus of consciousness, for without the vision and without the image and without the blueprint there cannot be alchemy….And therefore through the vision of the (Virgin) Mother the ray of God is sent forth passing through Her third eye and being precipitated in Her children.  This is the supreme opportunity for those who would raise the Mother-ray in this age.  It is to become the pure focalpoint for the release of the energies of the all-seeing Eye of God.

  And so you see the great whoredom in the land.  For our definition of whoredom is the misuse of the third eye and this is everywhere apparent.  There is almost nowhere that you can rest your gaze, except in nature, and not be bombarded at subconscious levels by the attempts at programming of the fallen ones….

  (There is) a very intense race by the fallen ones on astral planes and those who have reincarnated from the days of Atlantis to once again saturate the four lower bodies of the Earth and of the people with all of these tactics of programming, wedges of rebellion and witchcraft so that, helplessly, mankind are the victims of these signs and symbols….It is absolutely necessary that you make invocations to all of the Elohim and the archangels and the masters of the Great White Brotherhood for the arresting of the spirals of energy, that is, all energy misusing the action of the all-seeing Eye of God, for the binding of those members of the false hierarchy whose time for judgment has come, and for the clearing of the way for the crystallization of the God-flame in the city foursquare….

  You must learn to see behind the scenes.  You must know what is taking place in your government, in your economy and you must know a bit of history and understand the trends that have been building for several hundred years, even to the destruction of America from its very inception….

  It is that action of selfishness, self-love, self-infatuation and the preservation of the lesser self that is the conglomerate of density that makes the impasse over the all-seeing Eye of God chakra.  If then you lack the vision, you must know that automatically you must surrender….And proportionately as you surrender you will have the vision and the power of the vision of the all-seeing Eye to challenge all its misuses.  The key to victory then by vision is the absolute sacrifice of the lesser self and the surrender of all lesser causes….      

-Elohim Cyclopea:  10-9-1976 via Messenger ECP



IMG_8426 -in Prayer and Meditation, 1978 by M & E Prophet


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