Kuan Yin–part two

–organizations of fallen ones organized for this or that means of extracting light, taking the money of the taxpayers for the downtrodden, for their causes of feminism, for their causes of socialism and all manner of activities along the lines of world socialism that have come to be merely the threading of the eye of the needle of World Communism.
  Understand that the fallen ones must move in mass numbers.  And thus they form collectives and cells and groups and, by their numbers, attempt to literally ramrod the bastions of freedom; whereas the path of freedom and initiation is one of the individual with God–one alone with God.
The disciples through the ages who have been absorbed in this path of the mystics East and West have separated themselves out from the path of the masses and even of the organizations of the fallen ones.  And they have concentrated on the internalization of the Word.  At a certain point of attainment they have become a part of the Great White Brotherhood, and they have seen that the path of the lonely ones leads to the community of the Holy Spirit in heaven and on earth that is vast and yet retains the individual integrity, consciousness and world of its components….
  I would speak to you concerning my mantras, for the mantras I give I give with you, and they are for the development of your chakras.  As the chakras increase their light and increase their spin, beloved hearts, you are able to contain more light, to have a greater power for the release of light into the darkening conditions.  Thus the fundamental mantra of the om mani padme hum is a mantra for the visualization of the crystal-jewel in the heart of each lotus of the seven chakras.  My assignment to you this day is to take up the visualization of the crystal in the heart of the third-ray chakra, your own heart-center….
  Far beyond the knowledge of the outer self of the Messenger or your outer self, we may bring you into instantaneous focalization of your own Christ Self and path.  Thus consider in the teaching brought to you this day how without the nexus of the Messenger and the embodied One it would take much time for you to reach a consensus as to what would be the focalpoint of your efforts or what would be the common needs or weaknesses or necessities of the group.
  We can traverse ten thousand years of evolution by a single dictation, drawing the soul to the heart, focusing your minds in the heart of the Darjeeling Council.  And this is why Saint Germain has said that if you follow the path and the teaching and the dynamic decree and cherish your relationship to the divine Guru, Sanat Kumara, his emissaries in the ascended masters and especially in the Messenger, you can make your ascension in this life or at the very latest in your immediate next embodiment….
  I trust your perception of your own soul and Mighty I AM Presence, and somewhat the perception of where you are in the karmic sense and the distance that must be crossed to arrive at the point of the ascension, will enable you to appreciate the opportunity of this mystery school–the only one sponsored in this day in outer-world manifestation in the physical octave.
  The Great White Brotherhood has given its all for the victory of this mission.  When those in embodiment do the same and sense with the same degree the urgency of world conditions then there is a peace and a security that we share together–your confidence in heaven and our confidence in you–and the circle of oneness between us does become the very joy of freedom’s victory.  -Kuan Yin:  6-1-1984 at Summit University, Camelot, L.A.
  And it is the Teacher and the disciples who gather therefore always to celebrate the mighty functioning of the atom of being that does indeed sustain the worlds that are framed by the power of the Word of Brahman.
  Sometime and somewhere there is always at least one, one who represents the Word speaking that Word continually, transferring it to hearts who are gathered.  You may notice also how the increase of light, the spirit of community and activity is always there when the masters come to the quarterly conferences and dispense that light.  Whenever the Messenger is releasing that Word, whenever a single soul is counseled or comforted or rebuked the power of the Word is sustaining the reason for being of matter itself.
  Matter functions upon the very same principle.  You will understand the hierarchy of the nucleus.  You will understand that surrounding the one orifice of the light of Alpha and Omega there are the bodhisattvas–there are those who sustain that light and anchor it in the alchemical frequencies of matter.  And therefore when the sun-center is intact the most beautiful, the most magnificent veil of cosmos is extended.    
-Kuan Yin:  10-9-1983 at Camelot

Thus I reveal to you the infinity
Of the sine wave of your being
And the power of acceleration by Mercy’s flame!
Thus to drop the torch of Mercy’s love
Is to estrange yourself
From my aura and from my garment.
It is to lose ground already gained and won.
It is to have to start again
To mount unto the sun….
Understand my message well.
Out of Mercy’s heart I speak
That it does not suffice
To decree and decree again
Nor to serve and serve again.
The goal of God-mastery is the path–
And you know it well!
It begins in the feeling body and in the desires
Of heart and mind and soul.
It begins in the emotions
And the conquering of all energy flow.
-Kuan Yin: 10-8-1981 via Messenger ECP
I too represent the Karmic Board and I served as the Lord of the Seventh Ray before Saint Germain took that office. I am the bodhisattva who has tarried long with the evolutions of Earth. I minister unto all but I am here specifically to assist the original lightbearers of God to attain to that level of Christhood which they once knew. [This I do in order] that they might in turn be the God or Goddess of Mercy on planet Earth for children who have yet to reach that level.

I place my Electronic Presence this day over one million souls who have known the point of Christhood with Jesus Christ in ancient days of Atlantis and in ancient days of India….
Know this law, beloved: when your heart shall be filled with the fullness of God’s mercy then and only then shall you know yourself in the circle of the One, in the law of the circle, in the protection of the circle, in the perfection of the circle.
So I AM Kuan Shih Yin. My ministry is unto all life. Come and join me. I would teach you of the ministry of the brothers and sisters of mercy. -Kuan Yin: 10-12-1991 at New Orleans via Messenger ECP
Kuan Yin by Ruth HawkinsIMG_4630


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