Mankind does not apprehend the consciousness of its own holiness.


-Lake Siskiyou campgrounds/beach in a mist


1)  1 by 1 by 1, even the Infinite 1.  Therefore let the circle of our oneness and our love cancel out all division, all misunderstanding, all ignorance and every false testimony….Well, the problem we have today in this circle of lightbearers is that there is not much farther down that anyone can be cast in this day and age than to walk the physical octave.  and therefore though you think the angel has not bound you and removed you from God’s glory by your defiance, it in fact has happened.  And yet you say to yourself, “Nothing has touched me.  I’m all right….I have my own way of living my life independent of that strenuous path that some self-styled chelas have taken to themselves.”  -Saint Germain:  7-6-1984 at RTR, Montana

2)  When you meet adversity with joy and the understanding that it is a challenge…, when you decide that you are going to deal with that karma and you make up your mind that with God all things are possible you will join the ranks of the overcomers.   -Messenger ECP:  10-11-1991 at New Orleans

3)  Mankind does not apprehend the consciousness of its own holiness.  You are jewels in the eyes of God; you must hold your attention upon that purity which is your life and the life of every man….Cosmic Unity must be brought about first by union with the divine One and then the outer field of cosmic Unity in physical manifestation will be a naturally-following process.

  (Mighty Victory entered the room and continued:)  We are laying the foundation stone here tonight for mankind’s cosmic victory that will overcome disease, that will overcome inharmony, that will overcome discordant governments and warfares, that will overcome all that false generation by the Christ regeneration of the light….

  (Cyclopea continued:)  We can give you a cosmic Idea….It is you who must elect to pursue it and to dedicate yourself to it and to fulfill its destiny.  (I place) upon the forehead of all those who elect to fulfill their destiny my cosmic Kiss of Christ-Peace.     -Elohim Cyclopea with Mighty Victory:  9-21-1963 via Messenger Mark Prophet

4)  The greatest danger to the evolution of this planet is pride,…the belief that man can attain all things without God….If you will call to me for the proliferation of the teaching by the all-seeing Eye you will have the answer of the multiplication of souls….a lesson from Cyclopea as to how the oneness of vision can multiply 1 by 1 to Infinity.  -Elohim Cyclopea:  12-30-1973 at Mexico City via Messenger ECP

5)  As I contemplated my address to you this evening I said to myself there is a need for a matrix of the cosmic Cube, for so many are not able to expand God’s energies according to the perfect square of the Holy City, for their four lower bodies are not aligned, wedges of darkness come between the mind and emotions and there is an off-centeredness, a crookedness, an energy and a grid that does not conform to the inner blueprint.

  For I AM the fulfillment of the healing ray.  I come with science and I must exact by the power of pure seeing the mathematical formula of your being….And as that (threefold heart-) flame expands so the Cube will expand also….

  When you have that mastery of meditation in the heart, God-control of the spoken Word, when you come into that alignment where you can visualize the emerald ray at the brow and be comfortable in that ray there is an initiation which you can receive in the retreats of the ascended masters whereby you can enter in conssciousness the orb of God, the orb of God’s all-seeing Eye….I speak of it that you might strive for that initiation.     -Elohim Cyclopea:  10-13-1974 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP

6)  And I must say, beloved, that the hour has come in the name of Casimir Poseidon and the God and Goddess Meru that the torch of illumination passed to this Messenger in 1973–a torch of illumination for the education of the world’s children, for their illumination, for their preparation [of sacred labor and the path of initiation that lies ahead]–must be taken up by every Keeper of the Flame!…

  This is what you must decree for, this very point:  [for divine intervention concerning the fallen angels] who have entered the lives of the children and the college studens, [for the interdiction of their ungodly deeds] and for the restoration [of the right and responsibility] to the people themselves [to educate the soul, the mind, the heart, the spirit and the body of their children].  -Gautama Buddha:  10-4-1989 at RTR, Montana

7)  “How can such a delightful state of consciousness be achieved?” you ask.  First of all by claiming it as your own–your divine birthright which it truly is–with an absolute conviction and knowing that such is God’s will for you to be and to have…..A builder of sacred hearts I AM,   Your Cosmic Mother Mary:  Pearl of 6-5-1959 


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