Learn to examine the motives behind human trumpery…. God respects you so long as you keep His Laws.

1)  How can individuals have a casual interest in spiritual things which are the very root of their entire life’s activities?  When our instruments fail to bring forth all that is in our heart it is seldom attributable to their own weakness but often results from the impediments cast in their pathway by unillumined men and women, quick to turn a deaf ear to the very sure Word of their salvation. Those involved in the salvation of a planet ever find it a risky business to depend upon the world for the wherewithal to carry on, whereas mankind often feel isolated and apart from our endeavors.  To foster a sense of unity with all is our aim, but this unity should result in greater freedom from fear, from want and from unnecessary restraint on the part of those whose labors of love are so acutely needed in this hour….

  If I were to expose the many sides of this misadventure it would raise many eyebrows.  I am never anxious to spread abroad detailed accounts of the forces that have in the past destroyed both king and kingdom, but I am anxious to exert a stabilizing influence upon all seekers for light and truth.  Be wise, blessed ones, and not gullible to accept every statement that individuals make either in print or orally.  Learn to examine the motives behind human trumpery.  Why do you suppose the forces of negation have for so long been able to entrench themselves upon the planet?  Is it not in part because of the control they exert upon mankind through the mass media of communication–newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals through which they may feed into the domain of the world mind that mass hysteria which enables the manipulators to control individuals?…

  Provisions for the soldiers in the field is essential in the carrying out of mortal warfare; spiritual warfare too has its requirements.  And I hesitate to think what will happen to the world itself if one of our most able voices were to be closed off simply for lack of enough interest and support.     -Saint Germain:  Pearl 9:38

2)  Beloved hearts, the masquerades of the seed of the Wicked [One] are manifold but at the core of that seed is that discord which does truly divide and intend to conquer the body of God upon earth….We are no idols.  We are Messengers of the sacred fire of seraphim, and seraphim come trailing their garments where we walk.  Yet we are not gods; we are the Word even as you are the Word, and we come bearers of a flaming sword….

  But, beloved hearts, that imperfection that is born of rebellion against God, an unmitigated rebellion, that imperfection which remains as a death-wish in the very face of the abundant life demonstrated again and again through our dictations, that is the imperfection that we spurn and that will be cast out–the imperfection that is determined to have its own will that comes forward feigning and fawning upon the Messengers and pretending obedience, but at the very first opportunity to once again express that self-will, that condescension toward the Messenger, will not lose any time to do so.   -Lanello:  3-29-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

3)  God respects you so long as you keep His Laws.  His angels respect your call so long as you maintain your honor and your integrity.  You enjoy a very special place in relation to the heavenly hosts and this dispensation which is why it is so important when you see and recognize in yourself a deviation from the Law [that you correct it]….And if there comes a time when the individual is not willing to have rooted out of him by the sacred fire the substance of self that is an affront to God that separates the soul from God, then he himself must be expelled; for then you see we place an inordinate weight upon our sponsors….And this is precisely what has happened to the worldwide community of those associated with this activity….When you are in agreement, in harmony and in alignment you can make very swift progress on the path.    -Messenger E C Prophet:  8-20-1988

4)  O I AM Eye within my soul/  Help me to see like thee/   May I behold the perfect plan/  Whose power sets all free!

No double vision fills my sight/  The way is pure and clear/  I AM the viewer of the light/  The Christ of all appears!

I AM the Eye that God does use/  To see the plan divine/  Right here on earth His way I choose/  His concept I make mine!

O loving Christ thou living light/  Help me to keep thy trust/  I AM thy concept ever right/  So see like thee I must!    -Morya

5)  Understand then that the denial of that which you are by the sinister force which has sinned tenfold the sin of the accused must be countered with the full intensity of the harmony of the divine whole.  For those who are your closest companions–co-workers, brothers and sisters on the path, husband or wife–you must therefore guard the circle of harmony 24 hours a day that they might represent out of inner levels the causal body and the Mighty I AM Presence of the twinflames of one another.  Thus is every endeavor consecrated by those who participate therein to Almighty God who comes down as cloven tongues of fire.   -Jesus Christ:  Pearl 28:38

6)  You do not know nor can you imagine what a joy it is to the soul to feel free from the pride of person, a disease which has long engaged mankind’s energies in the mold of a frightful futility.  The strength of the soul is developed through a universal concept of love; but if this universal concept is to justly serve its purpose it must become personal and practical as men apply the unguents of love to the wounds of those whom they have afflicted in yesteryear.    -Maha Chohan:  Pearl 9:32

7)  And it is the silence of the inner holy of holies whereby the outer manifestation is sustained….

  (Forcefields of the Watchers) are centers of computers that are linked with the spaceships and spacecraft and that are linked with their tools in embodiment who themselves know not that in their gathering of information they are connected to an entirely different level of information-gathering apparatus.

  And therefore the Law prevails that those at each level in the service of the hierarchy of the fallen ones in reality know not whom they serve.  And therefore thy may believe in the current philosophy, the political ideal, the ideal of the taking-over of the world “that all men might live forever in peace,” and yet they are serving a gigantic death-machine whose technology is far beyond the principles of current science and even those of Nikola Tesla….

  Blessed ones, there is a very real reason why the Lord God Almighty forbade the intercourse of the lightbearers with the fallen ones (Exod. 34:12, 16, Deut. 7:3; Ezra 9:2, 12; Neh. 10:29, 13:25):  because it is the commingling of the body of death with the body of light.  It is the commingling of the seed of the not-Self with the seed of Christ.  And in that blending, in that intermarriage there does come forth the half-breed that always contains the tie to the Evil One even while it is endowed with that light.  And this ought not to be!…For when you bind yourselves to them you immediately take upon yourself not only the weight of their individual darkness but you take on the entire momentum of this interplanetary and intergalactic conspiracy….

  This is why the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood may not be misused or perverted by the ego-centered individuals, the fallen angels, the serpents who bring with them their roving bands of demons and immediately upon contact with this Law proclaim:  “I am god!”   And this is the religion of Satan; this is the pumped-up and the trumped-up pride.  -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  1-3-1982 at Camelot, L. A.

8)  But to retain the answer to your call you must become the answer.   -Morya:  Pearl 28:43

9)  From within, o beloved, from the point of light in the center of the heart is the kingdom of God spun as a cocoon of light around you.  Call it forth and it is done, but until it manifest you must clear that space, clear that aura.  Pour into it the violet flame through your devotions to God.    -Archangel Chamuel and Charity:  Pearl 29:26

10)  One-pointedness is absolutely essential to the gathering of momentums of power….One-pointedness and simplicity are not too dissimilar and it has been said that simplicity is the keynote of understanding.   -Archeia Mary:  Pearl of 6-5-1959

11)   Mankind must rise this hour/  Lest the victory be postponed to a latter day/  For if you do not seize this hour–/  The Mighty I AM, its strength, its power–/  The cosmic cycle will have turned/  And ye know not when Opportunity shall return  

This is the cosmic hour/ This is the appointed time/ Now is come salvation, now is come the Lord/ Receive Him, receive Him now/  To His light and love all bow/…

You are the chosen ones so blest/  Stand steadfast, God will do the rest/  Never let your faith be replaced/  By clouds of darkness and disgrace/  For none can challenge the light of Christ/  None can disillusion the children of light/  I AM here, I AM near/  To guide and guard you all the way       -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:18

12)  And Law is actually the bond or bounds of life which reflect the higher intelligence of God.   -Kuthumi:  Pearl 9:16

13) Thus we draw you in by assimilation and we call you to take up the burden of the Guru. For this is always the assignment of the chela. When you arrive at the gate of the Guru’s house to apprentice yourself to the Master you will take up the burden of his labor, his farm, his household, his duties, his lifestyle. -Morya: Summit University winter quarter 1984
Image -Avaloketswara



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