14 for Easter

-Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins

1)  You must speak it (Peace, be stil!) to the carnal mind in yourself, to the tramp thoughts that upset you!  For it is one thing to have concern and lawful concern; but if your life is tumbled and tossed by your concerns, beloved, you are also in a vortex that is a downward spiral.   -Elohim Cyclopea:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, L.A.

2)  I come wielding the sword of discrimination that by the flame of wisdom you might join my bands as they thrust home to the core of the luciferian creation–to cleave asunder the real from the unreal–that the motives and intents of the heart of a planet and a people might be laid bare in this hour.  -Archangel Jophiel:  Vials of the 7 Last Plagues, 1976, p. 18

3) The matrix (for expanding the auric energies of the heart into the divine aura) is the six-pointed star centered over the threefold flame superimposed with the name of God I AM THAT I AM.  -Djwal Kul:  Human Aura, p. 97

4)  (Chelas are taught) to go within to the fiery core, to dip into the fountain of light with the sacred aum, to tarry there as Jesus did when he withdrew from the multitudes and went to a place set apart….In living fire a-u-m is written in your heart.  It is written in Sanskrit, it is written in English, it is written in the tongues of angels.  It is a kernel of light that speaks in every language.  -Messenger ECP:  Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, 1976, pp. 4-5

5)  There may be deceivers in the world, but the cast of their own minds shall create snares into which they shall fall….How can man die save he extinguish himself by the sense of sin?  He must learn to draw strength from the reservoir of overcoming power which God placed in Jesus and in everyone born in Christ.  -Mighty Victory:  Pearl 15:1

6)  Do not speak with those who say they have never heard of Morya.  Simply invoke his vibration, his name with ours as we do, and let him be the tester of their souls–as he is our’s too.   -Babaji:  6-17-1979 via Messenger ECP

7)  The most mature among the knowers are called vijnyanis.  They dance, laugh, weep and sing in relaxed communion with divine Reality experienced as an inconceivable fusion of transcendence and immanence, formlessness and form.  The vijnyani becomes purna–simplicity, peacefulness, plenitude.   -Ramakrishna, in Hixon:  Great Swan, 1996, pp. 178-9

8)  (affirmation) I AM that wave from the Great Central Sun, the great wave of light which must inundate the planet ere the Earth proceed to a golden age of glory.  That wave of light descends this day and the debris of the ages and the fallen ones are swept away.  Let that wave of light reverse the tide of chaos and confusion whereby the dark ones have sought to pervert the Mother-flame.   -Mighty Victory:  3-3-1974 via Messenger ECP

9)  And I have made known to the Messenger the darkening conditions in America through the loss of God-contact especially by the women themselves who expend their energies in defense of paltry rights instead of expending their energy for the expansion of the great God-flame within….Beware then of political division, for that division may become the very instrument needed by the fallen ones to overturn the children of light, to divide and conquer and to level the nation itself….

  And so you see, the liberation of woman in sex, in short skirts, in all manner of the desecration of the body of the Mother including abortion is not for her freedom, it is for her enslavement!   -Saint Germain: 7-4-1976 at Washington D.C. and 11-20-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP

10)  The proposition on the council tables of the false hierarchy in this very era is to determine by outer and inner programming that the outer person will no longer have contact with the inner person.  They desire that the glorious temple of the four lower bodies made by the Lord God should no longer be an instrument for the sensitivity of the soul to penetrate other octaves.  Therefore they have planned a robot race.   -Maitreya:  7-2-1978 via Messenger ECP

11)  Thus I urge you to rise beyond it (mere mortal manifestation of selfhood), to believe you can rise beyond it, to know you are rising beyond it, and to know that the Sun behind the sun of manifestation–truly the Son of God shining in his strength–is your divine Reality.  And you are actually in a position today to move heaven and earth and cosmic forces and to bind the dark ones.  And if you will get this through your heads, beloved ones, and beyond your heads if you will unite with the force of the Christ mind with you you will se this Revolution in Higher Consciousness here and now.

  …for the calls to the God-Star Sirius have brought that star as close as the very air that you breathe.  Beloved ones, the potential is present.  You need to lock into my words.  Believe them; act upon them.  Stand guard, do not let down your guard, and be the watchmen of the night.   -Surya:  7-5-1985 at Camelot

12)  Take then the mantra of the free!  Forge your God-identity with this saying of the Lord:  “I AM Alpha and Omega in the whitefire core of being!”   -Archeia Christine:  Pearl 18:38

13)  Knowing then the great assimilation of light that has taken place for many decades in ye all you must realize that the forward progress of your soul’s entering in to the fullness of the Holy Christ Presence does surely rest upon this square [of the spoken 
Word] that does form the foundation of thy platform in matter.  And know the squaring of the circle and know the increase that is desired.  There is no reason why those who have this path and Teaching cannot master time and space where they are, cannot make more rapid strides.  It is but the perception or lack of it [that holds you back]:  it is but the sense of limitation displacing the Limitless One and His limitless energy.   Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  Pearl 33:37

14)  Now goodness is of God and it is your most precious possession.  You must guard virtue and honor and love and illumination that they may expand in your worlds and never be extinguished.   -Divine Director:  “Man” in 1965 Mechanization Concept



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