Man has yet to master the victorious principles of eternal stillness and peace

I tell you, beloved ones, it is chronicled in the human heart that mankind has cringed before the death brought upon them by the mortality of their limited concepts.  They cringe in fear, and nothing on earth is more destructive than the concepts of death and finality that man has come to accept in his world….

  Man in his emotional body, man in his mental body has yet to master the victorious principles of eternal stillness and peace….

  O thou crystal-clear radiance of Sanat Kumara, thou Lord of the Solar Flame upon the planet Venus, blaze thy radiance through these walls, through the body temples of these precious lifestreams emanating from the Father of all.  Let them feel the stepped-up radiance of the solar flame within their four lower bodies.  Melt and dissolve within them the accumulation of discord that has caused their very bones to feel a sense of human decay.  Blaze through their minds the energies of the sacred fire to give them sharpness, clarity and the crystal-clear beauty of the inner level concepts and to see the clarity of the face of God.

  Blaze through their memories and quicken in them the sense of the angelic order that accompanied the first fiat of creation in the beginning, in the genesis of the known creation and in the genesis of the unknown creation as recorded in the history of this earth.  Pour out upon them the oil of peace and let them feel the great solar quiet within the music of the spheres [60 second pause].

  Gently, gently, gently bring these souls into the peaceful joy that surrounds the heart of a living Christ.  Let them feel as content and safe and happy, O God, as though they were wafted to earth like a falling leaf, safely nestled against the heart of Mother Earth.  O beloved Virgo, receive them in tempore…..

  In the holy name of God I AM, I, Victory, say unto you that the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your heart and mind stayed upon victory.  And as you keep your heart and mind stayed upon victory it shall magnetize that accomplishment to you individually and to all who make the necessary application.       -Mighty Victory:  12-31-1962 via Messenger Mark Prophet


71.  True solemnity is built in the highest tension.  Solemnity is not rest, not satisfaction, not the end but precisely the beginning, precisely determination and progress on the way to light.  Hardships are inevitable–as the wheels of striving.  Terrible pressures are inevitable, otherwise the explosion is weak.  But can joy come through levity?  There, there is only lust, but joy is in the victory of spirit. The victory of spirit is in the assertion of unalterable principles.

103.  How can one safeguard people if they themselves do not wish to hold to the saving thread?  Keeping a correct direction is already a victory.  Our help is ready to pour forth, but it must be for someone and into something.  Who then can aid us with straight and simple striving?

121.  When I call to strive toward Me it means that amidst the battle a dangerous moment has arisen and the unification of hearts is needed….When the builders of a great plan are called there can be no relativity.  When the hour is dangerous the heart aches.  One may think of many causes, but the basis of anguish and alarm is one, namely the austere part of the battle.  It would be impossible to imagine a battle as an advance without obstacles.  Thus we are on guard and we call the co-workers to stand solidly.  

182. The red-golden light that fills the inner substance indicates the armor of the heart.  As the outer rims of the aura from purple become ruby, so the silvery lotus of the heart flashes with an outburst of red-gold when the spirit clothes itself in the ultimate armor.      -Morya:  Heart 1932               Sergius of Radonezh by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1882

But the judgment that men should fear is not the judgment of a day but of each day. For it is not at the end of the road that men can act to remedy but as they go–as the days come, as they are dispensed then can correction be made….
The glowing light of universal reality may have escaped us from time to time and the enticements of the world seemed entrancing, but we had to reverse the process as you must also do….we will hold to the realm of cause. We will uphold the laws of universal love….
Yet the son of faith knows that the Father’s love is his inheritance. He knows that nature and all of it–God in all of him–is his to command when he has become worthily aligned with the universal plan. This plan in glowing reality is framed right within the fire of the heart–the heart of purpose–the fabric of soul substance upon which God would engrave worthy acts….
In the consciousness of reality and of God there is no break with one another. Everyone whom you have ever served and to whom you have given energy is forever tied to you, and you are tied to all who have ever given energy to you. For the bonds of love can never be broken, and it is God’s will that in the mystic circle of the lives you contact you should spread the wonder of His love and grace. -Rose of Light: Pearls of Wisdom 11:29


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