Indecision then does prevent holy purpose from being fulfilled


1)  Indecision then does prevent holy purpose from being fulfilled and holy angels from assisting you in right endeavor.     -Saint Germain:  5-30-1987 at Overland Park, Kansas via Messenger ECP

2)  Is it not most desirable to possess a peacefull response to every problem of life, to possess victory’s poise, to feel that calmness that faces all life’s test with tranquility?      -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 3:2

3)  Well, beloved ones, symbolically Icarus represents human aspirations without the spirit of victory, without Christed accomplishment, those who sought to take heaven by storm but had not readied themselves, prepared themselves through the necessary solar initiations to bear the pressure of the solar heat of the divine radiance.   -Mighty Viictory:  12-31-1962 via Messenger Mark Prophet

4)  Beloved ones, the world today is oppressed by reason of the density of human thought and there is a pseudo-hope which mankind have which defers till the morrow that which ought to be done today.   -Archangel Gabriel:  9-10-1963 at Los Angeles via Messenger Mark Prophet, see

5)  I do not feel that the Earth fares as well as it could mainly because there is not enough dissemination of the available instruction on ascended master Law and because there has been too little appreciation of that which has been given.   -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 7:5

6)  The wages of sin is the death of right aspiration, motivation and exaltation.   -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:4

7)  It is that confidence born of the understanding of the long cycles and the sine waves of victory where you may contemplate mistakes not in an isolated sense but in the context of many victories by the learning of the lesson of the single mistake.   -Mighty Victory

8)  Man must develop out of the seed-flame of Almighty God and his internal reality planted right within the forcefield of the body temple the necessary determination to enter into their freedom…Yet the natural simplicity of a little child that is a part of everyone would give them the answer (to the infinite) if they would only attune with it….If you will call to me I will anchor a flame of victory right within your own forehead….

  All of nature–earth, air, fire and water, the very elements of which your body temple is composed–must come into obedience unto cosmic Law and to Spirit, for the Spirit of God that giveth life, the Spirit of your own Mighty I AM Presence, is your victory and it is within you.   -Mighty Victory:  8-18-1968 via Messenger Mark Prophet, see

9)  Out of patience and steadfast devotion victory is born.    -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:1

10)  …the only way that there can be a victory and an ascension for every soul of light upon earth is for the earth to be the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and all they that dwell therein to be the Lord’s and the Lord unto them!…

  Blessed souls of the sacred fire, therefore we are come, we are come for the anchoring with you now of a single angel of light, an angel of victory that shall stay with you and teach you and show you what are those downward-spiraling momentums of defeat, of anti-victory!  Let them be exposed!  Let them go into the flame!   -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 24:37


11)  Let us remind you that the age of the Earth is far greater than humanity have reckoned, that countless civilizations have had even greater advancement than your own, and that there have been periods when the spiritual laws of the universe were used by ascended and unascended masters to assist the evolutions of Earth in governing the planet according to the laws of Love, Wisdom and Power.  That these days shall come again is inevitable, but the time shall be decided by the hour of the victory in the battle.          -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:42

12)  The rose is but frozen fire as we are.  And when we shall have fully accepted the light into our hearts then shall the rose be freed.  Then shall the Son bow the the Father and Mother      -Mark Prophet:  A Prophet in Wisconsin, see

13) The sole bridge between the spirit’s understanding and the embracement of the earthly plane is the white blood corpuscle. But you know what conflict attends their existence. Do not the white corpuscles, subject to the forces of Earth and bearing the knowledge of spirit, seem to you like White Brothers? This is why harmony is so difficult on Earth. But to work there where the spirit has descended into matter the conditions of both planes must be met. One should not estrange oneself from the earthly yet one must abide in spirit. For the mastery of the earthly formulae one must possess a strong channel of the heart because the reflex of the earthly signs carries dangerous sparks. But for Earth all must be accomplished upon the earthly plane. Therein is the chief reason for the existence of the Brotherhood here. Therefore upon Earth one must reach Us, discover Us as silver ore–the best beneath the earthly crust. –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925, pt. II, i, 8.
14) There should be no comparison with the past, for a wrinkle of the past is usually a nest of errors. One can sail past alien shores; one has only to admire the world of light bestowed upon all that lives. Light is the best bridge between the visible and the Invisible….by studying the quality of aura–because this is the bridge of both bliss and contagion.
The ability to understand even one’s own native tongue depends not upon the ear but on the contact with other centers through the aura….
Therefore as to the question of aura, its color is not so important as is its inner intensity. -ibid., pt. III, iii, 10 & 13.



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