root cause in Kiev; Soviet Union analysis by ECP; 1987 INF Treaty–its chart

In NYT frontpage article of 3-5-14: Putin on 3-4 in Moscow 66 minute news conference “went on to recount one grisly story on the mob violence that in his view has dragged Ukraine into nightmarish chaos: the humiliation of the recently appointed governor of the western region of Volyn region, Oleksandr Bashkalenko. On the night of Feb. 20 he was handcuffed by protesters, doused with water, ‘locked up in a cellar and tortured.’ ” This retake from the KGB big gun; photos of Bashkalenko don’t show the guy very broken at all, but the KGB have seldom let anyone loose from their grip, as we all know. -r

The Governor of the Volyn region, Alexander Bashkalenko, was captured by anti-government protesters in Lutsk, north-western Ukraine, on Wednesday, said Reuters. many other photos too as of 2-20-14, before the KGB disinformation campaign on Ukraine:

2-23-14 Gorbachev added that the root cause of the unrest in Ukraine was an “interruption of perestroika,” referring to his reform policies, and “an interruption of the democratic process” there.
But of course all eastern Europe, and others, have been heartily sick and tired to the max of the KGB game–which is the root cause of so many peoples breaking with Moscow. -r

The only mitigating factor of the due date (of Soviet Union’s self-destruction due to karma) has been and continues to be the indecision of Western capitalists and the international bankers, spies, fifth column sympathizers, and agents of the United States government, conscious and unconscious….

The Soviet Union is ruled by a dictatorship that installed itself by force and maintains itself by terror.  It is compelled to continually increase its power to stay in power, lest it be overthrown.  Indeed it cultivates violence as a form of vital energy. 
-Messenger ECP in Year of Prophecy (Pearls of Wisdom 30:3) at pp. 67-8

I can assure you that what the people want is not what the power elite wants…The Intermediate-range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty will clear the last block to the Soviet intent to wage conventional/chemical/biological warfare against Europe.  
-Messenger ECP:  Saint Germain on Prophecy, bk. 2, online; INF Treaty was finalized at Gorbachev-Reagan meeting in Washington starting on 12-7-1987, Monday.  An astrologic chart of this for 12:30 p.m. local time shows:

22 Sag. overhead, 16 Pis. ascendant. Sun at 15 Sag., Pluto at 11 Sco., Mars at 9 Sco., Moon at 12.3 Can., Uranus at 26 Sag., Saturn at 22.6 Sag., Neptune at 7 Cap., Venus at 12 Cap., Jupiter at 20 Aries. Now Sun in this patterning is at one-tenth circle from Mars and Sun probably in parallel declination to Venus and Saturn and Uranus and Neptune; Sun trines Jupiter; Sun also at ~150 from Moon which trines Pluto. Pluto and Mars trine natal USA conceptual Sun (at 13 Can.) and are opposite USA natal Sun of 11 Tau. (4-30-1789 nativity).
Then as to solar progression: we are now Sun progressed–of this 12-7-1987 chart–to 11 Cap. this spring of 2014. Certainly we (esp. USA) will have a rough year directly ahead! Most dynamic challenge will come between 1 Dec 2014 and mid-April 2015. That is when the Sun is progressed to 12 Capricorn (conjuncting natal Venus of chart and opposite natal Moon) while transiting Pluto is conjunct and while progressed Moon will reach 12 Can. Transiting Jupiter near 12 Can. will play a big role too in triggering action on this 12-7-1987 chart. -r


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