leaks versus whistleblowing; stultification of man’s desires for progress

4-1-13     TAC: Can you draw a fine line for us between leaks and whistleblowing?

Tony Shaffer


: A simple term draws the line between leaking and whistleblowing, and that word is “intent.”

Leaks from the White House regarding the identity of SEAL Team Six as the unit that conducted the [bin Laden] raid; the leaked info on Pakistani, Doctor Afridi, who helped us confirm the location of Bin Laden; the leak of information on the British spy net in Yemen that detected and prevented another round of underwear bombings; and the leak to the New York Times of critical information regarding the drone program and the Stuxnet virus were all for political purposes–done to help establish the perception that this White House is strong on national security. These leaks are illegal.

Specific details—down to the floor plan of the bin Laden house—were leaked [to the producers of “Zero Dark Thirty”] for political purposes. The intent here was to achieve political gain, not protect the American people.

People like Thomas Drake are whistleblowers. There was clear intent on his part to draw attention to huge government waste and fraud by the National Security Agency and its leadership, to purchase new and unneeded technology that was redundant and far more expensive that the technology and techniques that already existed within the agency. The intent here was to do public good—to identify and stop illegal and wasteful activity.

The grand irony is that, of course, Mr. Drake was fired from NSA for his intent to do good. Those who did the big leaks—who, I am told, are members of the current White House National Security Counsel—continue to serve and leak information to the media with impunity.    http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/tony-shaffer-talks-leaks-coin-and-modern-war/

…joy is the progenitor of service. Those who can develop a surging sense of joy that blooms in the heart and flows out into the world–commingling with nature, trees, shrubs, skyey vistas, waving grass, flowers, spans of water and towering mountains–nedd nothing else than the magic carpet of the mind and spirit to feel a part of the world.
Each of the chohans has pondered the fact that the stultification of man’s desires for progress and harmony and of his longing for beauty occurs because of his lack of perspective and his unwillingness to admit that this lack exists. When new vision is vouchsafed to the mind and being the pillars of hope begin to rise and in rising they buoy up the entire nature. -Nada: Pearls of Wisdom 11:6


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