If they really have no intention of building an atom bomb, then why did they find it necessary to build two massive uranium enrichment

11-25-13  If they really have no intention of building an atom bomb, then why did they find it necessary to build two massive uranium enrichment facilities – at Natanz and Fordow – but fail to declare their existence to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN body responsible for monitoring such issues?

So far as the nuclear issue is concerned, deception has become Iran’s default position, and so long as the regime is producing any quantities of enriched uranium then we have every reason to suspect that they are working on something much more sinister than building nuclear power stations.

There is also the small matter of Iran’s numerous military programmes – missile systems, detonators etc – that are specifically geared to producing effective nuclear weapons. As one Western intelligence official involved in the Geneva negotiations told me: “It is hard to take the Iranians’ claims that they are not working on nuclear weapons seriously when you know they have a number of undisclosed military programmes that are being used for that purpose.”  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/concoughlin/100247485/so-long-as-iran-enriches-uranium-a-peace-deal-is-meaningless/

8-28-13 VIENNA| The U.N.’s atomic energy agency says Iran has prepared more than 1,000 advanced uranium enriching machines to be started up. The move raises concerns among countries that think Tehran wants to make nuclear arms.
A report released Wednesday from the International Atomic Energy Agency says Iran has put 1,008 of the advanced centrifuges under vacuum. Such a move is normally one of the last steps before the machines start spinning uranium gas into the material that can be used either as reactor fuel or as the core of nuclear warheads, depending on its enrichment level.

Iran says it is enriching uranium only for peaceful purposes and does not want nuclear arms.
Iran already is running more than 15,000 older machines. The new centrifuges are three to four times more effective.
Dec 2013 Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities, or its work on heavy water-related projects, as required by the UN Security Council….
Lashkar Ab’ad laser laboratories
This was the site of experiments on undeclared laser enrichment about 2003, and the facility has expanded greatly in recent years. It is not clear what activities are being pursued there, as IAEA has been denied information and access. However, there are some indications that work on laser enrichment may continue. In 2010 there was a high-profile announcement that the country has laser enrichment capability….
To November 2013 Iran has produced a total of 10,357 kg of 3.5% LEU hexafluoride, the rate being about 233 kg/month. About 3150 kg of the lEU have been used to make 410 kg of 19.75 % LEU hexafluoride at PFEP and FFEP, and this has been ongoing at about 15 kg/month. This far exceeds Iran’s needs for the Tehran research reactor. About 260 kg of that material could be turned into 56 kg of weapons-grade uranium with input of only 1800 SWU, and the rate of production could readily be increased using installed capacity. http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Country-Profiles/Countries-G-N/Iran/


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