authors Walt and Bates on new world order

In 1913 out of ignorance and some documented deceit Congress gave the Federal Reserve a monopoly on the creation of paper money….Over the years these money managers or money creators have used carefully planned disinformation campaigns to maintain their monopoly on money and their control of the economy by making the system appear complex and impossible for anyone outside their league to understand.  They have successfully purveyed the idea that we just can’t do without them.  Since their major tool of control is the control of money, they must keep the masses focused on the psychological money they control.   -L. Bates:  New Economic Disorder, Excel Books, Lake Mary, FL, 2009, pp. 91-2

You must be asking yourself right now “What kind of system would allow something like this to go on?”  That’s easy–the one we have….It is the goal of the new world order to control the economic and social behavior of everyone. Right here in the United States there is being established from among the party faithful a new and expanded ruling class to manage those who are not part of their enlightened ilk.  -ibid., p. 100

Quoting Rowan Gaither, president of Ford Foundation, in Dec. 1953:  “During those times (1940s) and without exception we operated under directives issued by the White House:  the substance of which was to the effect that we should make every effort to so alter life in the U.S. as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union.  We are continuing to be guided by just such directives.”  (source:  quoted in a 12-29-1962 letter from Norman Dodd to Dr. H. Kershner)  see


Still, why do many of the very rich in our country advocate either a socialist society or believe so fervently that the United States and the Soviet Union can be blended into a compatible world government?….  Elitism, and the arrogance it breeds, is a state of mind, a self-conception of superiority, and that is why in the face of history, in the face of public opinion, in defiance of logic the elitist stubbornly pushes on with his own beliefs intact….you have an old-fashioned dictatorship of an elite making serfs out of the rest of the people.  -USMC Gen. (ret.) Lewis Walt:  The Eleventh Hour, Caroline House, Ottawa, IL, 1979, pp. 58-9

The American public and indeed the vast majority of the American military officers were never aware that we had decided unilaterally to forfeit the initiative in the war with communism, in effect to give up our technologic superiority and doom our men to fight in no-win wars at the time and place of the Communists’ choice.

To put it in plain language, there have existed at least since 1945 two American policies–one public and one unspoken.  The public policy has expressed the traditions and ideals we all believe in….The unspoken policy has expressed the thinking of the advisers who have influenced every American president–selling out oppressed peoples, unilateral moves towards disarmament and accomodation with communism.  Publicly we were committed to defend ourselves and others against Communist aggression.  Privately we intended to appease it.  -ibid., p. 37


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