I will keep in line all of the children of this community -Saint Germain

I will keep in line all of the children of this community of the Spirit and I will reinforce the disciplines of the Messengers.  And I will tell you that it is possible to keep that community established by Mark, established by Elizabeth through the Ascended Master El Morya and myself.  And only by these disciplines of the ascended  masters will you find yourselves receiving that torch and that grant and that victory which is passed to you this day by the Cosmic Council.  So let it be and let it be sealed in your heart.  And let your light move forward and your consciousness be so occupied with the victory and the sacred labor of the victory that you no longer sit and think about yourself and what you will do with your poor little self….

Take heart then for I take the precious amethyst that is anchored in the physical forcefield and I transfer to you now from the heart of Holy Amethyst and from the heart of Zadkiel that infusion of heartfire, that purple fiery heart which I have championed which is indeed the very heart of America.  And I give to you that momentum of heart that is the wine of Christ, that is the very blood of Jesus the Lord. And I say to you, let your bodies be infused with new strength and new life, and let all those who are selfless in the way know this strength, and let those who faint by the way know that their fainting is because they have not yet surrendered their all to the will of God.

Be sensible in your service then, be diligent and hearken unto the angel who stands in your midst to call you.  This is the hour of the victory and it is that hour when a moment’s hesitation can mean the loss of the prize and the calling.    -Saint Germain:  4-24-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


(The Messenger) long ago learned the lesson from Mother Mary to understand herself simply as a latticework of light through which the sacred energies of heaven flow.  Thus, not identifying as the Giver but only as the instrument–the exhaustless pure stream of the Source never fails to meet the demand of the hour.  This is the great mystery you must learn….to be the latticework means that there is nothing left to be forgiven, to forgive for in oneself or in anyone on earth….Beloved, understand that forgiveness, a tributary of light through your chakras, does not obviate the necessity for the wrongdoes to balance his karma….

Courage of the heart is a rare gift in this day…Courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart.  The age of the heart is truly the age of the descent of the Messiah within you, even the second coming of Christ.  I, Zarathustra, anoint you.  And with me always is Melchizedek and Oromosasis and Diana who lead the fiery salamanders and adepts of the sacred fire for the cleansing of the earth….

It is important that there be forthcoming in the revolution in higher consciousness a true understanding of the sacred fire as the nexus of the figure eight through which all must pass.  Thus the trial by fire comes in the physical, the mental, the emotional, the etheric bodies.    And all must pass through that sacred fire.  That which is placed in the flame then is liberated to return to the Great Central Sun of the I AM Presence to be recharged and sent forth for the new birth of that soul….

Let us celebrate the victory of the sacred fire in the Messenger, in the organization and in the Church to stand before the accusers who accuse you each and everyone before our God day and night.  We are determined that this era shall pass and that the New Day and the new dawn of universal understanding of Saint Germain and his teaching shall come to pass. …

May your path in the inner octaves of light be clear.  For though you may be within inches of the kingdom of God physically, unless you have accelerated spiritually you will miss the calling and the entering in through the nexus.                  -Zarathustra:  3-31-1985 at RTR North, Montana


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