Naomi Prins & Wesley Legrand interviewed on gold, in depth

10-23-2011 interview

Wesley, what is gold’s pivotal role in global politics and finance?
Fund manager Wesley Legrand from Australia:  Gold has always been the purest and oldest form of sound money. It really is now the barometer of faith in the fiat monetary system. It is very hard to measure confidence and faith, but that of course is what the whole system is dependent on.  Gold is the best measure of that faith. There is no counterparty risk to gold, it ispretty much the only monetary asset in the world where there is no counterparty risk.
Why has the suppression of the gold price been a prime directive of the establishment and central banks?
Wesley Legrand:  Effectively the underlying reason is to mask and therefore facilitate monetary inflation, which is simply money printing. 
They are stealing purchasing power away from the masses, it’s a stealth tax.  Obviously all fiat paper currencies have lost significant purchasing power since the gold standard was abandoned in 1971, and the US dollar as the world reserve currency has lost more than 90 percent of its purchasing power in that time.  So that is the underlying reason – to facilitate and mask the inflationary tax.
Do you think, too, that the suppression or “managing” of the gold price has been a prime directive of the establishment and central banks?
Nomi Prins:  I think there is this fear. The central banks and the national economic establishment, first and foremost, want to maintain control over monetary policy with respect to rates, and thus, to the printing of money.
How important is short selling in the precious metals markets seen from the perspective of a fund manager?
Wesley Legrand:  It’s of paramount importance, because this is the main tool that the bullion banks use in their price suppression scheme. The JPMorgans and HSBCs are in effect the expansion arms of the Federal Reserve and the US government. They can create paper gold, which is obviously different to physical gold, and they can create as much paper gold as they like to short sell. They short more gold and silver than actually physically exists.
Do you think those short positions are illegal, because they are naked, not backed by anything physical?
Wesley Legrand:  Correct, yes, I do, as there is simply no bona fide financial reason for these investment banks to be involved in precious metals or commodity markets in this way. Naked shorting is blatantly manipulative and should be banned completely.
What’s your take on short selling in the precious metal markets, Nomi?
Nomi Prins: We have to consider short-selling which is legal vs. naked short-selling which isn’t. 
The issue of simple short selling is when banks – or private equity and hedgefunds – take a position that the price of gold will fall for some particular period.
If they back that position with extreme leverage, they are effectively suppressing the value of gold. But this is legal. 
By naked short selling, banks – investments banks, private equity, hedgefunds,etc. – can illegally manipulate the gold price by their short sell without even necessarily having a stock of physical gold to back their short, which is technically illegal. 
But because there is no real global reporting mechanism or requirement for indicating gold naked shorts, or silver for that matter, there is no real transparency fo rthe banking system in terms of who is short or by how much and thus, how much they would have to possibly get in the form of physical metal in order to fill that short.  And this goes for the Federal Reserve and European Central banks as well. 
It is difficult to trace that manipulation absent true transparency, and that becomes an even bigger problem.
What would you suggest should be done about this, Wesley?
Wesley Legrand:  The bullion banks should be banned from the short side of the market. There is no genuine economic reason for these bullion banks to be involved. The LME and the COMEX were originally created commodities companies who used to operarate and hedge themselves in those markets. There is no room for Wall Street and asset banks to distort and control the markets purely for speculative gain . This is just not freemarket capitalism, as GATA famously says:  “There are no free markets,only interventions.”
Do you consider the entire gold and silver paper markets as fraudulent?
Wesley Legrand:  Yes, as there is a hundred times more paper gold traded than is physically in existence and it’s similiar for silver.  And again, these banks have no genuine role economically to be short.  So yes, they’re fraudulent.
Would you invest in ETFs?
Wesley Legrand:  No, I wouldn’t.  I think a lot of the physical gold in bank bullion vaults is the subject to double claim.  We know that central banks account for gold on their own balance sheets, but then when they lend that gold out the gold is also counted on the balance sheets of the institutions they lend it too – so it’s subject to multiple claim.  I certainly think there is not nearly enough physical gold in the world to cover all the ETF paperclaims in the world.  A lot of people will get a rude shock one day when they will go to claim their physical gold with their paper entitlements.
Since we’ve used the words “legal” and “fraudulent,” do you perceive the accounting practices of central banks related to their gold reserves as accounting fraud?
Nomi Prins:  Since they effectively make their own rules, it’s difficult to classify the reticence of information with respect to gold as actually illegal.  Again, there haven’t been publicly available records recently of how much gold is in reserve at various central banks, and because there is no true information there can be all sorts of accounting manipulation, fraudulent or not, that we can’t track.  But certainly manipulation on price, on availability, on the amount of physical gold in storage, and so forth should be classified as a component of securities fraud.  Before the real gold standard was dropped during the Great Depression, there used to be much more mechanisms, not only related to the accounting for the value of gold which was pegged to the value of various currencies, but also for the amount of gold in storage. Today, we don’t really have that aspect. Therefore, any time there is no real transparency, whether it’s in gold reserves at central banks or in governments, or in subprime mortgages, there is the potential for fraud.
Is a return of the gold standard realistic in your point of view?
Wesley Legrand:  Well, I don’t know if it’s realistic, but I would argue that anything would be better than the current system and it seems as if the only thing that can impose the necessary discipline on governments and central banks to stop them from printing money without limit and generate never-ending more debt is to have some form of gold standard. The best solution would be to abolish all central banks at the same time as returning to the gold standard, but sadly this is not realistic!
Wesley, do you think the financial crisis goes now into full gear?
Wesley Legrand:  It’s probably not going to be a case of a sharp, disastrous fall as we had in 2008/09, but I suspect it’s going to be deeper over a longer period of time, which is actually worse….
Do you think it is scandalous that the private banks transferred their debt to the populations?
Wesley Legrand:  “Scandalous” is one of the more gentle words I have heard to describe the banks….
(Wesley Legrand,who was born in 1979, is a fund manager at Grand Private Equities in Adelaide, Australia. He studied Economics, Finance and Law at Adelaide University and has worked now for 13 years in the stockbroking industry.  In 2008 he set up with his father Grand Private Equities as a boutique advisory firm servicing high networth private clients, with a particular focus and expertise on emerging miners in the precious metal space.)

do not come to our retreat (at Lake Titicaca if)

  The choosing of yourselves is not an exclusive choosing, for each evolution and race and wave in its time is called to raise up the ensign of light.  Therefore a people of light worldwide is called to bring in the great golden age of Aquarius.  This, beloved, can be accomplished in this hour only if millions rally to that living flame, to the pillar of fire in the midst of Israel, to the Holy City Foursquare established upon this continent.  Blessed hearts, this vision must be fulfilled by those in embodiment:  you who have heard and seen and felt the light and the ministration of angels in your midst.  Know then, beloved, that your capacity to contain light is infinite even as you are the issue of the infinite God.  -Archangel Zadkiel:  11-25-1987 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger ECP, see


  I must say, beloved, that the hour has come in the name of Casimir Poseidon and the God and Goddess Meru that the torch of illumination passed to this Messenger in 1973, a torch of illumination* for the education of the world’s children, for their illumination, for their preparation [for their sacred labor and the path of initiation that lies ahead], must be taken up by every Keeper of the Flame!…

  Perhaps more than any other factor the cause for the loss of the dispensation of America could be, beloved, the absence of the preparation of the children and youth and their inability [to receive] the torch of freedom that is passed to them for their generation [and succeeding generations] for their success [on earth] and their victory [in the octaves of light]….

  Thus it has ever been the goal of the fallen ones to promote their own in the very best situations of research and study that those who are trained on the path of defiance against God [might take their] place of power [in each generationn] to rule over the children of God and the children of Israel who have themselves allowed [this world domination by a power elite made up of the fallen angels] to happen again and again, beloved…..

  For I tell you that many of you are a part of the mandala of the God and Goddess Meru, of Casimir Poseidon and of the Messengers’ assignment to be at Lake Titicaca within a hundred years and to be in that retreat as the hierarchs of that retreat.  And as the God and Goddess Meru have said, even to the Messengers, do not come to our retreat, do not take your leave of this earth if you have not fully implanted in the earth the records of education that must be carried forward….And therefore in the nation that is the one nation [among the developed nations] sponsored by the ascended masters we have the least development of the mind and sometimes of the heart of this generation….

  Begin with Self-knowledge.  The first Self-knowledge you must have is that of your reality.  Study it in the Teachings.  When you are grounded in the Self-knowledge of your reality then you must know the unreal self.      -Gautama Buddha:  10-4-1989 at RTR, Montana

*torch of illumination:  It is like a giant stainedglass window with many many facets.  Each facet belongs to someone who has pledged at inner levels to take the torch of divine wisdom and the Divine Mother to a part of the Earth, to a section of people, to children or to people of all ages.   -Messenger ECP   See


                 On the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  God has sent His four horsemen to appear as the embodiment of the collective untransmuted self of the race….Whatever they bring, whatever they do is the reflection of what mankind themselves have brought and done….Sent by God at the command of the Four Beasts (of Book of Revelation) who pronounce the “Come!” that is their signal to ride, these emissaries are the sign and the wonder of the infamy of an entire lifewave.  The four horsemen are empowered by the karma they bring….

  The bow of the white horseman is for shooting the arrows that destroy the spirit (and spirits) of the people….And the white of this horse only disguises his tremendous powers of deception.  His warfare of the spirit is unseen and unfelt by a sleeping civilization.  The crown he wears is the false laurels that society places upon those who have caused its death, for they know not whence the death has come.  In reality the death has come from themselves, from the records of the subconscious and the unconscious, as they have crowned their basest desires and passions.  These desires and passions are crowned king when the white horse rides….Who do the people worship?  Those who brazenly live for their basest desires and passions.  The people are fascinated with them (in some cases fascinated and repulsed simultaneously) and therefore they become tied to them.  They are slaves to their lusts for money, power and sex even as they are enslaved to the gods themselves.          Other players in this warfare of the spirit are the false teachers and the false teachings that come out of every organized religion today, which are the perversions complete of the Great White Brotherhood’s true teachings on the sacred mysteries of Life….

  To be precise, 85% of Earth’s evolutions today–in or out of embodiment (and there are many out of embodiment)–are functioning at the lower end of the spectrum of the astral plane.  It is amazing how quickly you can get soiled and saturated with the scum of the astral plane if you don’t invoke the light of God on a daily basis and transmute that silt that collects in the world’s astral body and your own.  You have to keep it off of you and out of you.  If your consciousness and vibrations gravitate to the daily soap opera rounds that people make of their lives then you are in the astral plane….

  This comes back to the indoctrination by the white horse (of the apocalypse) which destroys the spirit of the people of the world through the consumer products of America that have gone to every nation and to the farthest corners of the planet.

-Messenger ECP:  5-21-1989 at NYC


Interview with the Messenger of Hierarchy       In Gnosis Magazine, fall 1991

Smoley:  What level do you have to reach before there’s no danger of falling back?

ECP:  The ascended state.       See:


I will keep in line all of the children of this community -Saint Germain

I will keep in line all of the children of this community of the Spirit and I will reinforce the disciplines of the Messengers.  And I will tell you that it is possible to keep that community established by Mark, established by Elizabeth through the Ascended Master El Morya and myself.  And only by these disciplines of the ascended  masters will you find yourselves receiving that torch and that grant and that victory which is passed to you this day by the Cosmic Council.  So let it be and let it be sealed in your heart.  And let your light move forward and your consciousness be so occupied with the victory and the sacred labor of the victory that you no longer sit and think about yourself and what you will do with your poor little self….

Take heart then for I take the precious amethyst that is anchored in the physical forcefield and I transfer to you now from the heart of Holy Amethyst and from the heart of Zadkiel that infusion of heartfire, that purple fiery heart which I have championed which is indeed the very heart of America.  And I give to you that momentum of heart that is the wine of Christ, that is the very blood of Jesus the Lord. And I say to you, let your bodies be infused with new strength and new life, and let all those who are selfless in the way know this strength, and let those who faint by the way know that their fainting is because they have not yet surrendered their all to the will of God.

Be sensible in your service then, be diligent and hearken unto the angel who stands in your midst to call you.  This is the hour of the victory and it is that hour when a moment’s hesitation can mean the loss of the prize and the calling.    -Saint Germain:  4-24-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


(The Messenger) long ago learned the lesson from Mother Mary to understand herself simply as a latticework of light through which the sacred energies of heaven flow.  Thus, not identifying as the Giver but only as the instrument–the exhaustless pure stream of the Source never fails to meet the demand of the hour.  This is the great mystery you must learn….to be the latticework means that there is nothing left to be forgiven, to forgive for in oneself or in anyone on earth….Beloved, understand that forgiveness, a tributary of light through your chakras, does not obviate the necessity for the wrongdoes to balance his karma….

Courage of the heart is a rare gift in this day…Courage is the sign of the coming of age of the heart.  The age of the heart is truly the age of the descent of the Messiah within you, even the second coming of Christ.  I, Zarathustra, anoint you.  And with me always is Melchizedek and Oromosasis and Diana who lead the fiery salamanders and adepts of the sacred fire for the cleansing of the earth….

It is important that there be forthcoming in the revolution in higher consciousness a true understanding of the sacred fire as the nexus of the figure eight through which all must pass.  Thus the trial by fire comes in the physical, the mental, the emotional, the etheric bodies.    And all must pass through that sacred fire.  That which is placed in the flame then is liberated to return to the Great Central Sun of the I AM Presence to be recharged and sent forth for the new birth of that soul….

Let us celebrate the victory of the sacred fire in the Messenger, in the organization and in the Church to stand before the accusers who accuse you each and everyone before our God day and night.  We are determined that this era shall pass and that the New Day and the new dawn of universal understanding of Saint Germain and his teaching shall come to pass. …

May your path in the inner octaves of light be clear.  For though you may be within inches of the kingdom of God physically, unless you have accelerated spiritually you will miss the calling and the entering in through the nexus.                  -Zarathustra:  3-31-1985 at RTR North, Montana

insurance company takeover of healthcare; wall street won election

11-10-2012     The average cost for health insurance for a family is $15,745per year vs. a median income of $50,502, or about half post-tax take-home pay….

On October 17th, UnitedHealth Group issued $2.5 billion of bonds as part of its $4.9 billion acquisition of Brazil’s Amil Participacoes. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley, UBS and Wells Fargo Securities were lead underwriters on the deal.

They are not buying international companies in order to increase accounting transparency. Like other multinationals, they are doing so to move profits around and circumvent restrictions and tax laws. They are using cash, or raising extra debt, to do so, rather than to reduce premiums or increase disbursements to medical professionals.

And if you’re keeping score – billion of dollars are flowing from insurance companies – NOT to reduce premiums to patients and NOT to reimburse doctors and NOT to enhance the quality of care, but to simply expand nationally and globally.  -Naomi Prins


before the election was over, wall street won    by n. prins

10-23-2012    both presidential candidates and their parties’ attitudes toward the banking sector is similar  – i.e. it must be preserved – as is – at all costs, rhetoric to the contrary, aside.

Obama hasn’t brought ‘sweeping reform’ upon the Establishment Banks, nor does Romney need to exude deregulatory babble, because nothing structurally substantive has been done to harness the biggest banks of the financial sector, enabled, as they are, by entities from the SEC to the Fed to the Treasury Department to the White House….

In addition, according to Asset Back Alert, US public ABS deal volume rose 92.8% for the second half of 2012 vs. 2011, while issuance of US prime MBS (high quality deals) fell 50.6%. Overall CDO issuance rose 50.2%. (Citigroup is the lead issuer (up 552%.))

to retain the answer to your call you must become the answer -Morya





1)  We also defend the rights of men to be free from the entanglements of women who come not with the flame of Mother but with other designs to tear down the integrity and the honor and the life-force of men.    -Saint Germain:  11-20-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP

2)  And it is futility, hopelessness, helplessness by a generation surfeited in self-indulgence that will give them (fallen ones) the victory….

We are most concerned about genetic engineering which touches upon the alchemy of the 7th ray as well as the seat of the soul chakra.  We are concerned about those Watchers, the fallen Watchers who have set their course for the destruction of life as God made it and to establish the preference even in the children of the light to mechanically respond to order, to direction from another source because they are weary, all too weary of the effort necessary to make a creative choice–a choice that leaps into the center of God, experiences His universe and desires to bring it forth point by point….

Beloved hearts, it takes immense effort to be a son of God, to be a co-creator with Him.  And when you do not make the effort the alternative is to become mechanization man….This is happening to lightbearers in every nation….Neglect not the gold of God, for the golden threads and the emerald green and the crystal light weave a pattern of harmonious reunion whereby I proclaim:  You shall have your God-mastery!  You shall have your God-harmony!  You shall have your God-vision!…Therefore realize that surrounding the very element of gold in the earth is the antithesis of it which is human greed which sears the vision and deprives you of the vision on that Scorpio line.      -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  1-3-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles

3)  I cannot overstate my case for obedience, for the very cells of your being must come to know unflinching obedience to the laws of God if you would pass your tests and rise into the victory of the ascension.       -Godfre:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:1

4)  When you have been willing to go through the trial of the fiery furnace as the three Hebrew boys then you will come to understand that you may stand in the presence of the angels and the masters and fear not….

And see yourselves as emissaries of the Great Central Sun as when you came trailing clouds of glory, as when you knew who you were and what your mission was to this earth body, as when you had these powers once before, before you descended to their misuse.  And much of that descent has been caused by the serpentine philosophy, beloved hearts, that allows you to consider that “compromise is not really that important–it doesn’t really matter if you go the way of the world, it doesn’t really matter if you embrace its moral code or absence thereof.”       -Helios:  7-4-1984 at RTR, Montana

5)  But to retain the answer to your call you must become the answer.  You call to God for perfection–perfection descends.  You must seize it, take it to your heart, become it.        -Morya:  Pearl 28:43

6)  I say to you, beloved, beware of those who feign allegiance, surrender or sacrifice. Beware of their pitiful presence.  Beware of their singed wings and their hollowed-out forms that are indeed not a chalice but haunted houses, whited sepulchers.

Beware the living dead who in the final expression of death seem to have the shine, the glamour that does pretend to be of the true light.  These will always attempt to enter and remain in the Community of the Holy Spirit.  Having the sense, the animal sense (of self-preservation), beloved, they carefully hide behind the mask they have created and they hide behind the light invoked by the lightbearers.     -Elohim Astrea:  Pearl 30:50

7)  Thus know that we may wield the sharper-than-the-two-edged sword and that you yourselves may be that sword in manifestation.  Let the protection descend, ordained by Almighty God, upon this Community and all who retain that inner alignment with the will of God.  Remember, beloved, to center in the heart of Christ daily, for in that centering do you receive this protection.     -Archangel Raphael:  Pearl 32:24


Front Cover-Nada by Ruth Hawkins

And mankind do not understand why there are propensities and desires within them

that lead them astray.  If only they would recognize that all darkness need not move

them, that the absolute light of perfection within them is the stave against all

darkness, the power to remove every stain.  Then, you see, the weight of the world’s

karma could be lifted.       -Gautama Buddha:  1-1-1973 at Santa Barbara, see

The Brotherhood marches on; and purity of thought is our banner

And I know that continuity of being, world to world, is the means provided for the soul to experience the richness, the very depth and heighth and breadth of God-consciousness….Indeed God intended life to be lived to its fullest and not cut off before all of His desiring to express Himself in an expansive and expanding universal field of love should be satisfied through each and every soul.  Souls as daisies in that field must bloom a million times a million until the eternal Matrix is satisfied.  Yet my my children fear death, they fear the past, they fear the future, and they fear the responsibility of the present which both their past and their future must put upon the soul.

Thus the false pastors conveniently cut off their past and their future.  And my irresponsible children lap up their gruel though they know not it is the cruel cruel dying of their Christ in the present.  For if your Christed Self did not live in your LORD before Abraham was, then how can you live with Him in the beyond?  That which becomes eternal must be eternal in both directions, yea, in all directions and thereby cancel out time and space and all confinements for the victors in the race….

For now is the hour of the casting out of the moneychangers in the temple who have marketed their false theology under various and sundry brand names and labels.  But one and all they have cut off the horizontal arm of the cosmic cross of whitefire pointing to the left and to the right into the distant past and the distant future….

Now understand what are these demons of the denial of Emmanuel–God with us here and now and forever.  Notice they will tell you everywhere He is not but they will never tell you where He is, where I AM that where I AM ye may be also–in order that wherever the I AM is there you may be found in His likeness….

For the body is composed of light, and the light in the nucleus of every atom and molecule and cell must be demagnetized from the earth/earthy and the dust must be allowed to return to dust even as the light that preserved its matrix is allowed to spiral to the Great Central Sun as it is released from its encasement in form by the fire element.       -Sanat Kumara:  “Opening of the 7th Seal, XXI”, Pearls of Wisdom 9-16-1979


And you will receive the initiations individually from my heart daily if you but inscribe then a separate letter to me this New Year’s Eve addressed to your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, to me and to my beloved twinflame.

Then, beloved, you may apply to become my chela, my initiate.  And watch well for I am determined to accept almost as many who call upon me, rather to give you the initiations and let you eliminate yourselves rather than I eliminating you without giving you a clean white page in 1986 to begin anew (or now begin anew) where you left off on Lemuria.  And I tell you, you did leave me in Lemuria and I come to claim you again!  And you may determine to move forward for I will bring you to that point of the union, whether inner or outer, of twinflames as only my office can accomplish. For it is my office that was violated by twinflames in the Garden of Eden and therefore you who left the path under my tutelage must receive that reuniting through me.      -Lord Maitreya:  12-31-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see 


Verily Maitreya was my God-Presence personified.  He personified the Law and gave to them (Adam and Eve, hence twinflames initiated in the Garden) the covenant of first love:  obedience to the Guru as the open door to grace.  But they were immediately challenged by the Serpent, and the woman entered into a dialogue with the false guru who disputed the Law and made himself lawgiver.     -Sanat Kumara:

“Opening the 7th Seal, XIX”, Pearl 9-2-1979   


No specific good would occur in the community of being by forcing the separated segments of the Universal into an unwilling alliance, for there the liberty of oneness would be ignored and the pull of the senses, like snorting wild steeds, would create its tides of restless energy to pull man away from the balance of true being….

We have also released our instruction through other adherents of divine truth, both metaphysical and occult, until the occult law was set aside and the pure passion of the flames of liberty and truth was unleashed in the early 1930s.           -Goddess of Liberty,  1968, see


The Brotherhood marches on; and purity of thought is our banner, purity of being our goal, and purity of action the manifestation of the divine hand through the veil of flesh.    -Kuthumi, 1973, see