most negative manifestations stem from anxiety, including the awful sin of masochism

  Strange as it may seem most negative manifestations stem from anxiety, including the awful sin of masochism….You see, it is so easy for a negative ingredient to creep into our formulae that we must take every possible precaution before we begin our experiments. Without first purging ourselves of all undesirable qualities we would find ourselves, with the best of motives, amplifying our negatives instead of our positives as we proceeded to employ the wondrous power of alchemy.    -Saint Germain:  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, chapter 9


  We have thought to convey in this Dossier the understanding that spiritual exercise alone without obedience to karmic precepts and [to] the divine plan for man may be of limited value to the aspirant.  We have also pointed out that both approaches to salvation come to the shining apex of manifestation in man’s glorious ascension in the light when all of the spiritual signets are set in place as God wills it.  This includes the use of the cosmic honor flame from the heart of God whereby men in honor prefer one another and recognize the meaning of true brotherhood and service.  

  The divine geometry through the symbol of the pyramid draws the aspiring consciousness of man into the idea of an ascendant life.    -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension


438.  One should not seek the vital impulse in the asserted physical impulse but in the impellent invisible Fire which is the breath of life.

440.  Certainly the spirit which stands close to construction can feel the correspondence between the planes (of being).  Hence the correspondence attracts conscious impulsions.

441.  Only when humanity is attracted to new constructions is it keeping pace with the Cosmic Magnet.  Therefore only the search for the ways of the Cosmic Magnet will bring to humanity the cognizance of higher energies.

442.  Obstacles call forth surging thought, and the growth of obstacles is the best indicator of the greatness of the task.

444.  The growth of consciousness consists in discrimination (and discernment) in energy qualities.  Only through this knowledge can the spirit determine cosmic creativeness….Therefore the enemy fears greatly our knowledge.  Hence such opposition, hence so many obstacles and so many great victories.     -Morya:  Infinity 2, 1930


4)  In dealing with the human self, man has been convinced over the years that the blending of black and white (good and evil) is the true nature of man.  It is almost as though mankind were stigmatized and hypnotized by the concept that the die of sin, like a die that is cast, is itself immutable….

  Why do men and women tarry in the Troys of the denizens of darkness?  I say it is through a common ignorance and the unfortunate spread of suspicion and doubt.  This distrust of the invisible yet all-powerful spiritual world by men and women is a strange phenomenon, for they are so easily persuaded to give their all in the cause of faithlessness.        -Saint Germain:  Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, chapter 4



-Portia by John William Wright, 1846

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